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All the Right Ways
Pairing: Sakumoto      Rating: PG
Summary: He looks up to find that Jun has his lower lip caught in between his teeth, tugging on the soft flesh lightly, worrying it; he wants to say something but he knows that it’s only going to come out like he’s complaining, though, when hasn’t he ever, especially when he finds such ugly bruises covering Jun’s skin?

Careful What You Wish For
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: PG
Summary: “I –“ he starts, swallowing past the uncertainty and nervousness that is clogging his throat, mentally telling himself to man up so he can get this over and done with. “I want you to teach me how to… k-kiss,”

Destiny's Turn
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: PG
Summary: The line of Nino's shoulder is stiff and it's obvious in the way he lies on his side that he is upset.

Black Hole ( 1 - 2 - 3 )
Pairing: Sakumoto      Rating: R
Summary: He shouldn’t have come. He knew it was a bad idea but he came anyway. And as usual, it was Sakurai Sho’s fucking fault, like every single messed up thing in Jun’s life was.

Give You More
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: R
Summary: “It’s done,” he announces, putting the needle down and grabbing the towel Nino prepared earlier, wiping his hands; he eyes his work critically, pride blooming warmly in his chest at the sight of it. Nino shifts and winces, strains to check the final product of his and Ohno’s combined design now embedded on his right shoulder.

More and More
Pairing: Sakumoto      Rating: R
Summary: It’s silent for a while after that, and Jun is drawn to the movement of Sakurai Sho’s fingers as he brings the cigarette into his mouth, to the sight of Sakurai Sho’s lips curling around the cigarette’s tip.

Blame It On Me
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: R
Summary: He knows he messes things up between them a lot of times, but here, now, when there’s no one around to see it and there’s only the darkness bearing witness to every little thing he wants to confess against Ohno’s skin, he does without thinking, pressing insistently till there’s no other choice left for Ohno but to cling back and thrusts himself so deep into him they both gasp with the force of it.

Breaking Point
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: NC17
Summary: It’s easier for his heart to accept it despite the pain it still entails when he sees Leader, when Leader is so close for him to touch but couldn’t.

Come A Little Closer
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: R
Summary: "You're an idiot," Nino tells him, though it sure lacks it's supposed bite. He shrugs and takes it upon himself to do the biting instead, Nino moaning out loud they're both surprised by it, by the sound Nino just made, so hungry, so needy.

Indecent Proposal - Destination: Heaven
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: R
Summary: “You are going to rip my pants into shreds if you’re not going to quit staring at it, Ninomiya-san,” he grumbles under his breath, though he can’t be bothered to hide the way his mouth quirks at the edges as he leans back against the chair Aiba-chan just vacated.

Long Journey Home
Pairing: Sakumoto / Ohmiya     Rating: R
Summary: Sometimes, he tells himself this; It was your choice as much as it was his so let it go, move forward. Sometimes it is enough. But most of the time, it isn’t.

Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: NC17
Summary: “You’re gonna have to take it easy for a few days, Ohno-san,” is what the doctor told him once he’s done wrapping his toe in what seemed like two thousand layers of bandage.

Practice Makes Perfect
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: NC17
Summary: He was not sure why he was being asked this, as if he was in the position to say something helpful to teach Nino, as if Nino was certain he knew his way around blowing a fellow man’s nuts off because why the hell would he know that?

Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: NC17
Summary: “You want me to go swimming with you,” Nino returns, “at 2 am in the freaking morning. Are you insane?”

Spot on ( 1 - 2 )
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: NC17
Summary: There's probably a name for this kind of feeling, though Nino is so far gone to even think about it, especially when the only thing his brain can come up with at the moment is something that doesn't even go beyond, oh shit and fuck yes.

Lingering Aftertaste
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: NC17
Summary:It’s freezing outside and he feels it down to his bones despite the almost ten layers of scarves he wears around his neck (which Nino forced on him  before Nino sent him out on an errand), still grumbling under his breath about falling for some jerk who cares too little about his boyfriend’s welfare, sending him out in the cold to buy something that he’s sure Nino won’t be eating anyway.

Faded Memories
Pairing: Ohmiya, Yama, Sakumoto      Rating: PG
Summary: "Find me in your  heart. I'm there."

Lavender Hands
Pairing: Juntoshi      Rating: R
Summary: It all started in Hawaii.

Pairing: Junba      Rating: R
Summary: Aiba’s not sure what he was thinking when he invited Jun over that night for dinner.

Pairing: Sakumoto      Rating: NC17
Summary: “It’s a masturbator,” Sho says; Jun can tell that the older man is trying to look as confident as he normally wouldn’t, especially in the face of such humiliating situation, and with the way his fingers are shaking around the thing he has in his hand, it’s not that hard to tell.

It Takes Three to F-Party
Pairing: Ohno-Nino-Jun      Rating: NC17
Summary: “Couldn’t you, I don’t know, find a better meal other than that skinny person you’re devouring right now, Ohno-san?”

Sorry, I lied
Pairing: Sakumoto      Rating: PG
Summary: Jun said he'd do his best to win the race because he wanted a hug from Sho. Or something like that. Based on those WWG event reports.

Caved In
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: NC 17
Summary: The fifth time he almost tripped on his face, Ohno was there to catch him

Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: NC 17
Summary: “It’s an exact replica of your dick,”

Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: NC 17
Summary: Ohno daydreams about him and Nino doing it on one of Jun’s balance balls. Smut ensues.

Reste Avec moi, mon amour
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: NC 17
Summary: It's Ohno's 35th birthday and Nino wants to do something extra special for him.

Have it your way
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: NC 17
Summary: Ohmiya. Blowjobs. Cuddles.

Pairing: Sakumoto      Rating: R
Summary: Sakurai was jealous, Jun got mad but they still cuddled without anyone of them apologizing

Life in a silver platter
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: R
Summary: It starts with poking and ends with...

Ten times the rush
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: NC 17
Summary: It's the gesture that clearly says 'calm down, relax, I got you, the same gesture that drives Nino crazy every goddamn time Ohno does it because it’s Ohno, and Ohno is so very capable of giving Nino what he wants, what he’s after, until he’s shaking all over with pleasure, but not before Ohno’s got a fair share of what he wants for himself as well.

Like a virgin ( 1 - 2 )
Pairing: Ohmiya, Sakumoto      Rating: NC 17
Summary: “You’re legal now, Matsujun,” Aiba says, ignoring Jun’s attempt at shoving him off and leaning in even closer that he is speaking into Jun’s ear the next time he does so. “That means we can already take you to that bar where they let you sample a girl of your choice for one hour if it’s your  birthday,”

Come away with me
Pairing: Ohmiya, Sakumoto      Rating: R
Summary: Ohmiya celebrates Valentines Day in the Philippines; sort of continuation to this

Tick Tock
Pairing: Ohmiya, Sakumoto      Rating: NC 17
Summary: “It’s not like you’ve never messed up before,” he reasons, calmly, though it is evident in the way Ohno is so intently watching the way his skin ripples with Ohno’s every touch that Ohno knows he’s feeling anything but. His fingers are shaking afterall, the same way the rest of him is as Ohno presses closer and thus making him feel vaguely like a prey.

Sunday Monday
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: R
Summary: Nino kisses him. It’s slow and sweet and full of so many unspoken things Nino can’t – hasn’t the courage to say out loud yet even though he doesn’t need to. Ohno knows them too well, he feels the same way for Nino, afterall, holding Nino so close he is sure it can’t be comfortable but it seems like Nino doesn’t mind so he doesn’t let it bother him.

Suit and Tie
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: NC 17
Summary: Women’s mood swings, he muses to himself, are the worst; and to be honest, he’s all too glad to be away from it all when he moved out of their house, but he didn’t think he would have to deal with the same, especially since he is living with a man now but he guesses that couldn’t be helped.

At your best
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: R
Summary: Nino kisses him, soft, barely-there touches of Nino’s lips against his. He’s so proud, so happy for Nino, so in love he can barely speak, can barely form the right words to tell Nino how happy he is for the other man. So he just kisses Nino back with all the emotion he can’t put into words, holding Nino to him, slipping his tongue into the heat of Nino’s mouth and letting his kisses do the talking.

Four ways a kiss should be
Pairing: Matsumiya / Aimiya / Sakumiya / Ohmiya      Rating: R
Summary: It all goes down to the fact that for Nino, Ohno is an enigma of his own and that even now, even after so long, he still has to spend the majority of his time figuring Ohno out that it almost became an obsession.

For You
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: R
Summary: He kissed him. It was a distraction as much as it was a plea and he knew damn well Nino was aware of it too.

Be my shining light
Pairing: Sakumoto / Ohmiya      Rating: NC 17
Summary: He already was, to be honest; he could already feel the way his previously thundering heartbeat had evened out from just that simple touch.

The Kink List - Kink List (The incomplete list)
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: NC 17
Summary: He is shoving his hand into his jacket pocket before he realized what he is doing, fingers finding the crumpled piece of paper he had hastily stuffed in there earlier before they left the apartment. He’s not sure if Nino is aware he has it, and if he does Ohno is pretty certain Nino’s never going to admit it out loud.

Square One l Square One (2)
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: R
Summary: Ohno grins, impishly, and Nino’s heart stutters painfully in his chest. God, how can Ohno still do this to him he has no idea, but he does - he can, and it’s completely unfair because Nino’s never immune to it, to Ohno’s charm even after over a decade of being in love with the older man.

Moving Season
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: R
Summary: Nino is moving and somehow meeting new people. New people that don't intend to stay new very long. (Sort of continuation of [livejournal.com profile] renchan27's Fic)

Retracing Footsteps 1 l Retracing Footsteps 2 l Retracing Footsteps - Road to Forever
Pairing: Sakumoto l Ohmiya     Rating: R
Summary: In all the years they’ve known each other, Jun is in love with Sho, and that, largely, was it.

When the world stops, we go
Pairing: Sakumoto l Ohmiya     Rating: NC 17
Summary: Somehow, despite the fact that he is so pissed he can hardly smile without looking like he is quietly plotting the murder of everyone in the studio, sitting next to Sho surely helps.

In Exchange of Services Rendered - Ohmiya l Sakumoto
Pairing: Sakumoto l Ohmiya     Rating: NC 17
Summary: (Ohmiya) When Ohno came home that day finding Nino on the couch, naked and purring like a cat in heat, and licking his specially-made Ohno’s dick replica dildo with purpose, he knew something was up.
Summary: (Sakumoto) Sho is sure he’s never driven quite this fast in his life. Or park quite this hastily either. His phone had been vibrating nonstop in his pocket and Sho knows that if he doesn’t make it to Jun’s apartment alive, it’ll be Jun’s own damn fault for rushing him.

Doctor, Doctor, I am sick!
Pairing: Ohmiya     Rating: NC 17
Summary: Doctor Ohno scans the list of his scheduled patients for the day while sipping his coffee. He stops when he sees it. The name of the man who started seeing him for back pain about a month ago. Ninomiya Kazunari.

Better Than Vitamins
Pairing: Ohmiya     Rating: NC 17
Summary: Nino smiles and vaguely coughs into the palm of his hand, wishing the subtle way he is doing it is enough to stave Ohno’s worries off; he can honestly feel it radiating from Ohno even from miles away but to be honest, at the moment, Ohno’s worries are certainly the least of his concerns. Especially when there are two things he is simultaneously trying to avoid: clearing his throat and making eye contact with Jun.

Love Letters and Music (I Remember You) 1 l 2 l 3 (AO3)
Pairing: Ohmiya     Rating: R
Summary: AU. Ohno is one of Japan’s popular singers who only sing song compositions sent to him by an anonymous composer. But everything is about to change when Ohno’s management forces him to meet a new composer to work with him on his new album.

Of Games and Homecoming
Pairing: Ohmiya     Rating: R
Summary: Ohno comes home a quarter before midnight from his two-day location shooting in Kyoto and finds Nino just as he left him – in his ratty pajamas in front of the TV killing computer-generated monsters with a crazed look in his eyes.

I Say Maybe 1 l I Say Maybe 2
Pairing: Ohmiya     Rating: R
Summary: Nino wouldn’t normally say this even when he’s so mad he can’t even think past it but this time, he does. He is going to fucking kill Ohno Satoshi, with his own hands, slowly and very painfully, and he is going to fucking enjoy it.

Smooth Criminal
Pairing: Sho/Nino l Ohno/Nino l Ohno/Sho/Nino   Rating: NC 17
Summary: “Did you miss me?” he quips, and he honestly meant it to be teasing but with Sho dragging his gorgeous lips across the line of Nino’s jaw like this – soft and wet and so damn arousing – Nino finds it difficult to keep up with the façade.

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