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Code Name: Lucky Jun
Pairing: Junba      Rating: R
Summary: His job is to protect the President at all cost, but could he still do his job properly knowing that his personal life will suffer because of it?

Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: PG
Summary: It’s heady and intoxicating, and Ohno feels like he could get lost to the sensation of kissing Nino like this, wrapping Nino in his arms as tightly as he could while he nips at Nino’s bottom lip.

Picture Book ( 1 -2 )
Pairing: Yama      Rating: R
Summary: Ohno was Sho's personal 'hero'.

In This Life ( 1 - 2 )
Pairing: Ohmiya / Sakumoto      Rating: PG
Summary: Jun knew that look on the other man’s face, had watched it appear everytime he was this close to walking over to him and introducing himself. But, he couldn’t, and it was painful to say that he was about to spend this lifetime following him around again with a broken heart

Fine Line
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: PG
Summary: Nino looked up, lips quivering at the coldness, but decided it was still fairly easy to conquer than having to bear the pain of losing Ohno everyday; it’s not going to kill him this way, the same way losing Ohno would.

The Devil's Advocate
Pairing: Kaibutsu / Pocky Devil      Rating: R
Summary: Kaibutsu Tarou is pissed; Devil Pocky-nari visits to improve his mood. Well, sort of.

Pairing: Matsumiya / Yama / Ohmiya      Rating: NC17
Summary: Few steps away and Nino could already smell the DJ’s perfume and it only made his libido rise, it almost hit the ceiling; he swallowed thickly and stopped to appreciate the man once more before clearing his throat noisily, and reaching over to tap the man’s shoulder, the words ‘hey Mr. DJ, can you play this love song for me?’ already hanging at the tip of his tongue when the man whipped around to face him.

Nino's Dilemma
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: NC17
Summary: Nino is nymphomaniac and Ohno needs to take care of it.

Quarter Turn ( 1 - 2 )
Pairing: Ohmiya / Sakumoto      Rating: R to NC17
Summary: Sho was being a major dick to Jun and so he was forced by three-fifths of Arashi to apologize, but ending up jumping Jun instead. Also, he got the shock of his life finding out that Jun wasn’t who he thought he was.

Hear The Words You Ought Not To Say
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: PG
Summary: The last entry did something to Ohno’s heart that he found himself weeping quietly as he gripped the sketchbook close to him.

Back And Forth
Pairing: OhnoBecky / Juntoshi / Ohmiya      Rating: R
Summary: There were days when Ohno wishes to wake up without knowing exactly what’s in store for him that day, but today isn’t one of those.

Captain Says ( 1 - 2 )
Pairing: Yama      Rating: R
Summary: Sometimes, Sho wonders what else he could do to get Leader’s attention, to have it on him and him alone; to have him look at Sho the way he normally stares at Nino

Dirty Dancing - Ohmiya Style
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: R
Summary: Nino tries to hold some distance between his body and Ohno's, tries holding himself back from touching Ohno's rear when Ohno does something with his hips that simply rocks Nino's world in an instant.

Easy Crazy Do Me
Pairing: Ohmiya / Junba / Sakuraiba / Sakumoto      Rating: R
Summary: A drunken night out with his band mates resulted to something entirely else. Jun is not pleased.

Well Wishers
Pairing: Sakumoto      Rating: R
Summary: It is Jun's birthday and Sho wanted to surprise him.

Of Boots and Skirts (or simply wanting to shag the boy in drag)
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: NC17
Summary: Funny, Ohno thinks, how he should be knocked up drunk before he agrees on doing this.

My Feeble Heart
Pairing: Ohmiya / Sakumoto      Rating: PG
Summary: Every breathe he takes feel like he's nearing the edge of dying himself, and he's not even the one lying almost lifeless in a hospital bed.

Of Drugs Of Doom And Distraction
Pairing: Ohmiya / Sakumoto      Rating: R
Summary: A make out session turned horribly wrong (or not)

Bloodlust ( 1 - 2 )
Pairing: Sakumiya      Rating: NC17
Summary: Looking around the messy pile of bodies thrown around their living room, Jiro shook his head and dropped his coat over the back of a chair on his way towards the tangled mess of limbs, chuckling fondly to himself.

Sweet Baby AO3
Pairing: Ohmiya / Sakumoto      Rating: PG
Summary: Because really, how in hell he finds it endearing watching Sho struggles out of his jacket, words slurring together in a mess of garbled nonsense while he’s trying to keep himself upright is beyond Jun, or the fact that he finds Sho weirdly irresistible when he walks in to the apartment, eyes barely open and words of affection spilling out of his slightly damp mouth.

Make You Mine
Pairing: Ohno - Inoue Mao      Rating: NC17
Summary: Three weeks after Mao bravely invited Ohno into her apartment, she found herself standing right outside the door to Ohno’s own apartment and looking like an avid fangirl in disguise.

His Majesty AO3
Pairing: Sakumoto      Rating: NC17
Summary: Sometimes, Sho’s not sure if he’s doing the right thing or not, most especially when it concerns Jun; he likes to think that he has pinned down (and actually accepted) almost all of Jun’s odd habits (like re-arranging his shoes and slippers by date of purchase, and hats by texture and material) and bizarre ways of showing his affection (like elbowing Sho on the ribs, hard, whenever he comes in to say hello).

Break Your Wall
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: PG
Summary: He remembered standing on the other side with his eyes darting from Ohno’s ear and the paintbrush in his hand,

Here Lies The Truth
Pairing: Ohmiya / Sakumoto / Junba / Sakuraiba      Rating: NC17
Summary: Aiba wakes to an Arashi orgy party.

Four-way Truce
Pairing: Sakumoto      Rating: NC17
Summary: Losing on a game against Ohno that he was sure he was so much better at, Sho was forced to ask the help of the only person he knew could help him carry out the horrible penalty without ending up being thoroughly molested in the process.

Dirty Little Secret AO3
Pairing: Yama      Rating: NC17
Summary: Sho didn’t know when the topic of Ohno’s whereabouts had shifted to ‘I realized I haven’t been to Leader’s place before’ and ‘shouldn’t we be doing something about it, like, now?’ ten minutes after Aiba inquired where their Leader might be at the moment and then followed it with ‘Hey, we’ve been to each other’s apartments before, right? aside from Leader’s, and wasn’t that weird?’

Point Of No Return
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: R
Summary: “So you see,” she started, tapping her fingernails noisily on the glass tabletop before leaning forward and resting her elbows over her expensive executive table for effect. “I want you both to stop,”

Cross The Line AO3
Pairing: Aimiya      Rating: PG
Summary: Nino is sick and Aiba comes over to take care of him.

Backdoor PleasureAO3
Pairing: Juntoshi      Rating: R
Summary: Jun needs something before each concert begins; Ohno always makes sure he gives it to him.

Pairing: Sakumoto      Rating: NC17
Summary: It’s been years since he felt extremely mad at anyone in particular, but today, Jun makes him.

Touch And GoAO3
Pairing: Ohno - Inoue Nao      Rating: R
Summary: Where Ohno keeps up with being the sexual beast that we all know he is, Mao-chan being the lucky girl who gets to sample it all. Also, there’s uber protective/nagging Jun, bratty, loud-mouthed Nino, and indulgent boyfriend Sho.

Purple LiesAO3
Pairing: Sakumoto      Rating: NC17
Summary: Sometimes he found himself thinking what the hell prompted this thing but everything seemed to evaporate the minute Sho had him bent over the next available semi-solid surface and fucking him without reservation.

Waiting GameAO3
Pairing: Sakumoto      Rating: R
Summary: The door hasn’t even properly closed when he’s met with an armful of Jun, hair still damp and smelling strongly of cheap hotel soap and shampoo.

This Guy's In Love With You, Pare!
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: PG
Summary: There should be some kind of rule about falling in love with your bestfriend.

Chasing Forever ( Prequel: Caved In - 1 - 2 )
Pairing: Ohmiya / Sakumoto      Rating: R to NC17
Summary: He knew he shouldn’t have agreed on doing this segment, most especially after the producers had told them that they have to film themselves (“Wildlife adventures, you haven’t done that, right? I’m sure the fans will love it!”) while they trekked the forest on their own.

I Am Me When I'm With You
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: R
Summary: When Nino came home to a house smelling strongly of fish, he called Ohno.

In This Life
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: R
Summary: Over the years, he was able to reconcile with the fact that he was no ordinary man, and that he was living an equally extraordinary life. It came with the realization that he was somewhat part of a life cycle of five, and that he’d been playing a very important role on this life cycle since time immemorial.

Wedding JittersAO3
Pairing: Ohmiya / Sakumoto      Rating: R
Summary: The day he found out about Sho’s engagement was the exact same day Sho sat them down and told him I’m in love with you, Jun, but I’m sorry, in a tone that said he was dead serious before sealing his confession with a kiss that was so tender it actually made him want to close his eyes and savor the moment.

From Here On I'm Yours
Pairing: Yama (Shoko)      Rating: NC17
Summary: She had been thinking about her brother nonstop since morning, since he had to literally shove her out their apartment door just to make her go to school (she really didn’t want to, but Niichan insisted) with promises that he’d be there with her favorite dinner when she came home. She’d been thinking about last night, about the way her brother took her (barely there) innocence, how she’d practically begged him to take her the way Matsumoto-senpai used to promise her he’d take her one of these days.

More Ways Than One
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: R
Summary: He really didn’t know what to make of it – about this decidedly disturbing fact that he’d been thinking about Ohno in an obviously un-platonic way eversince his hands had pledged their eternal love and devotion to Ohno’s butt. But it’s hard not to, not when Ohno was nothing but indulgent when it came to him and the (mostly) unconscious ways he flung himself unto Ohno whenever the older man was around, hanging off of Ohno like a live spare part if he felt like it.

Dream Team
Pairing: Ohmiya / Junba      Rating: R
Summary: He really wishes he can tell someone – anyone – about his disturbing dream, but even if Aiba thinks their friendship has transcend beyond what is normal, he couldn’t just go on ahead and blabber about how he dreamt about sucking their Leader off in the Jimusho’s shower room after practice, right?

Deal Or No Deal
Pairing: Junba      Rating: PG
Summary: Aiba’s dog messes Jun’s living room. It starts with socks and ends with handjobs. Heh.

Touch Me Like It's The Last Time
Pairing: Ryu/Saki (Platina Data)      Rating: R
Summary: He doesn’t know how she does it, how she’s able to work with Kagura and not speak to him or touch him the way she normally speaks or touches him when she knows it is him she is with; how she keeps her distance from Kagura when Kagura talks about nothing but work, when he goes on and on about the project they are working on as if they were merely co-workers and not like this.

Smooth Lines
Pairing: Aimiya      Rating: PG
Summary: “Just k-keep breathing,” he instructs Aiba, like it is that easy – his voice cracking in the most embarrassing way ever, and forcing a smile that he hopes is encouraging enough for Aiba to keep fighting.

Birthday Suit
Pairing: Ohno - Arashi      Rating: R
Summary: When they mentioned a surprised birthday gift, this certainly wasn’t what was on his mind.

Up Close And Personal
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: PG
Summary: But it isn’t too dark for him to be able to see clearly, nor it is too dark to tell what the sight before him means – with the way Nino and Ohno’s foreheads are tipped together like that, while Nino caresses their Leader’s jaw as if Ohno’s skin is made of vulnerable glass, it’s not that hard to guess.

Behind Closed DoorsAO3
Pairing: Junba      Rating: NC17
Summary: It’s almost sundown when Ohno arrives at the boutique shop hidden somewhere at the heart of Tokyo where they were supposed to meet, pushing the door open and slipping past an army of assistants and tiptoeing over a clutter of catalogues and wedding gown magazines before he finds the rest of the guys (or at least what’s left of them) looking fancily awkward on their respective suits.

Breathing Distance ( 1 - 2 )
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: R
Summary: Ohno realized that all the songs Nino wrote were for him. He’s afraid of the fans’ reactions so he distances himself from Nino. Nino understands this and leaves him his space but when Ohno shows up at his door shaking, all the emotions spill out.

Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: R
Summary: “Stop,” he hears him say over the roaring sounds of their combined heartbeats, his mouth planted against the other’s neck as he sucks and nips the tender skin beneath his lips. “Not like this,” he breathes right after, fingers tangling through his hair like a lover would, but not quite.

Second Best
Pairing: Yama      Rating: R
Summary: It would have been so much better if all they do is have sex, because then at least Sho could forget how horrible, horrible his life had become since that day he woke up in this fucking boat.

Unwind - Dysfunctional
Pairing: Ohmiya / Sakumoto / Sakuraiba / Junba      Rating: NC17
Summary: Nino doesn’t even know how Jun finds this place, not that he wants to know but, well, sometimes he’s just that curious. And part of it is because most of the time, Jun doesn’t even join in the unwinding, busying himself with whatever the hell he’s doing when his bandmates are busy getting sucked off.

Wishful Thinking
Pairing: Matsumiya / Sakumoto / Ohmiya      Rating: R
Summary: Sometimes, Ohno hates himself for being the reason of Nino’s pain.

Bad Romance
Pairing: Sakumiya      Rating: NC17
Summary: That’s the third time this week that Nino deliberately pointed out to the guest how horrible he was in cliff climbing, not that the information was trade secret or something, but it’s just – it’s just humiliatingly upsetting and ten times embarrassing to be laughed at as if he wasn’t an idol (or a host, news anchor and reporter) but a common comedian.

Pairing: Jun/OC      Rating: PG
Summary: Somehow, he doubted if he would ever get around to seeing those faces she made when she looked at him; he couldn’t decide whether it was a good thing to see someone look at him the way she always did, as if she couldn’t believe he was there, as if she couldn’t believe she were that lucky.

Not a Bad Thing
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: PG
Summary: “Just making sure I’d be the last person you’ll be talking to before you go to bed,” Ohno says and he’s honestly perplexed that he is left not saying anything until Ohno says “Goodnight, Nino,” and hangs up.

The Show
Pairing: Yama      Rating: NC-17
Summary: If it was anyone but Sho, he wouldn’t have believed it if someone had told him he’d be getting a fabulous blowjob from Leader as a sort of ‘thank you for the hard work’ gift for their 15th anniversary, most especially if that someone happened to be that loud-mouthed Ninomiya.

Rendez-vous (Kiroi_niji contest winner)
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: R
Summary: In hindsight, Nino supposed he should have seen this one coming.

Beginnings. Endings. ( 1 - 2 )
Pairing: Sakumoto / Ohmiya      Rating: R
Summary: It started again when he was twenty six, when Sho realized he was done with running, dragged himself back to find Jun right in the middle of their tenth year anniversary concert,  tugged Jun  closer and pressed his lips into Jun's ear and whispered, I’m sorry to have made you wait this long, Ma-chan.

Stay - Don't Go - Reverse
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: R
Summary: In the end, they didn't even manage to use the couch for it's intended purpose before Nino left him.

Fumbling Fetish
Pairing: Aimiya      Rating: R
Summary: Hell, embarrassing things sort of stopped being embarrassing when the first thing you did when you debuted was to sing and dance on national television wearing a monstrosity of latex costume that even after one and a half decade, people still talked about the thing as if they’d happened to wear it just the day before.

Sunrise and You
Pairing: Junba      Rating: R
Summary: Ohno has just excused himself for his usual five-minute smoke break (which Jun really doesn’t get why Ohno always makes sure to inform him) when some guy sashays into the shop, beaming and lighting up the place as if he’s got the sun dangling literally off his back.

Ride On
Pairing: Sakumoto      Rating: NC-17
Summary: …or the one where Jun’s a rider. Heh.

Three Parts of a Whole
Pairing: Yama/Ohmiya/Sakumiya      Rating: R
Summary: Whoever says you only need one person to complete you is stupid. Sometimes, it takes two.

Fate Love and Friendship ( 1 - 2 )
Pairing: Gen      Rating: PG
Summary: Or 15 things that might have happened that we didn’t know about.

Nice and Easy
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: PG
Summary: Ohno's used to Nino's mood swings by now to properly account each and every odd things Nino does, makes sure he knows not to worry so much when Nino starts making his constipated faces because they could mean so many different things all at once.

Hooked On You
Pairing: Juntoshi      Rating: NC17
Summary: Five times Jun wanted out from the biggest mistake of his life.

Blips and Pauses
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: PG
Summary: Ohno sure looks like his brain has shut down on itself and he knows it'll take a few moments for it to restart, and Nino, well, he's actually seconds away from running off and the only thing stopping him is the fact that if he's going to drink the rest of the night away because of misery, he wants to have a valid reason for it.

Supposedly Beneficial - Insensitive - Sweet Punishment
Pairing: Ohmiya - Sakumoto      Rating: R
Summary: Well, it’s not like he doesn’t have an awesome life, because he does, and it isn’t like the troubles he has in his life is his own doings because most of the time, they’re not but sometimes, just sometimes, he wonders how his life will stay as awesome as it is if he has these stupid people he calls friends to ruin it for him.

I'll be your man
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: NC17
Summary: But Ohno figures this thing with Nino is important. Especially when he stops to think of his life after all this and all he sees is the images of him and Nino --- together.

Not For Me
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: R
Summary: Afterall, he can’t just go and ask Nino what’s wrong despite the almost desperate way Nino is breathing him in, despite the almost claustrophobic way Nino is holding him. He can’t, because if he does he might hear something he knows he shouldn’t hear, and knows that if anything, Nino will say what he needs to say when he feels like it’s time to say them.

Time Passing
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: PG
Summary: He looks on and he is suddenly struck with that familiar longing he thought he was able to overcome after so many years of keeping it hidden. His fingers tingle with the urge to touch Nino’s face when he finds that Nino is staring at him with the same intense, though unreadable gaze of his and his chest constricts at the fact that even after so long, Nino is still capable of breaking his heart without even trying.

Bound to Happen
Pairing: Sakumoto - Ohmiya      Rating: R
Summary: It’s a different kind of silence now, at least that’s what it feels like as he curls his fingers against Sho’s shoulders and holds on for dear life; its different, so different from the one that came before this but he’s not about to compare the two, not now at least, because there are certainly more important things he knows he should be doing besides letting himself think.

Collateral Damage
Pairing: Sakumoto      Rating: R
Summary: For one, he didn't know he needs to walk away until he’s done it, didn’t know he needs the breathing room he has now until he found it, and frankly, this is the first time in ages that he feels particularly better.

Shadows Of Your Past And Mine
Pairing: Ohmiya      Rating: R
Summary: He had wanted to stay but he knew that he couldn’t, not then, because Sho was with him. And no matter how hard it was to leave, he had to because he couldn’t just let Sho leap back home by himself. It was too dangerous.

It's All On You
Pairing: Ohno/OC      Rating: PG
Summary: “In his simple clothes, like, t-shirts and jeans?” “Runway model.” “How ‘bout a tux?” “GQ, definitely. GQ Man of the year?” “How ‘bout in his tank and boxers?” “Very funny. I’m not gonna answer that,” “Seriously, answer it, it’s not like he knows we’re talking about him. He barely even notices you at the office,” “Fine.. In those clothes, I bet he looks like heaven,”


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Hi, jade. :) I'm in the middle of reading your fics but when I clicked 'ride on' it's locked. Can you unlock them please? :D I really want to read them.

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