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So it has been announced that Ohchan will have a new drama on April! I'm so excited *cough cough fuck you asthma*

anyway, apparently Ohchan's role will be a shinigami -- another weird role but who's complaining?? the last one was two years ago, yeah?

ah, I can't wait!

credits to [livejournal.com profile] kyraensui l Tumblr
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Hatenai Sora PV in two words -  OHNO DOMINATED XD

god, just check out how hot he is in that PV.

*dies happy*

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One smile.

that's all it takes. and obviously, my heart is happy.. daisuki, Captain..

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Title : OhMiya Ficlets
Author : Jade
Rating : G (fluff)
Pairing : Ohno Satoshi/Ninomiya Kazunari
Note :  the first one was inspired watching an episode of Mago Mago Arashi and the second one, of course, while watching Kaibutsukun.. unbeta-ed (please forgive me for many grammatical errors)



I want to go to a deserted island with Nino! )


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Title : Sex and Fish
Author : Jade
Rating : NC 17
Pairing : Ohno/OC
Word count : 1,478 words
Note : Another prompt from my friend Riya ~ swimming pool $*x. (unbeta ed.. please forgive me for many grammatical errors)


In me, right now, please? )you want to play right? )

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I can get used to that hair Captain.. seriously.. you look absolutely fantastic  ^^
and by the way.. Im thankful my phone's Sony Ericsson Cybershot as well..

daisuki desu~

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Himitsu no Arashi-chan (20 May episode)

Himitsu no Arashi-chan (27 May episode)

wow.. Twice in a row ne, Captain? but frankly, this weeks HnA is hilarious (even though I didn't understand almost all of what they were talking about *fail*) but well, as far as I know, the members were thoroughly enjoying themselves.. judging by the sounds of Jun's laugh and the way Ohno and Sho bartered against each other.

Another thing was that the guest is really pretty.. I forgot her name but she's that lady in Saigo no Yakosuko ne? well anyway, I think she's so talented and charming and pretty.. and she chose Captain so I love her now hahah..

I love the segment wherein she played with the airgun.. and Nino (like the scaredycat that he is) hid behind Ohno while Ohno hid behind Jun (little adorable kids)

well, off to watch the Arashi Derby Ranking.. Im sure it'll be as cute as HnA as well.


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Title :
Ice Cube
Author : Jade
Rating : Smut/ NC17
Pairing : Ohno/OC
Summary : Mei thought of ways on keeping Satoshi awake.
Note : originally posted in Freestyle ~ http://freestyle.forumup.org (for your daily dose of Arashi fanfic stories, please visit the forum and register )




ohh.. the ice melted already.. )


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Title : [One Night Stand Series] One NIght of Bliss (2ndp part)
Author : jade
Rating : R to NC17
Pairing : Ohno/OC
Note : the second part as promised ~ originally posted in Freestyle


cant get enough of you~ )
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Title : [One Night Stand Series] One Night of Bliss [2nd part]
Author : Jade
Rating : R to NC17
Pairing : Ohno/OC
Note : unbeta-ed ~ as promised, the second part.. involving the model (originally posted in Freestyle)


god~ i cant stop.. )
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just finished downloading the 4th episode of Kaibutsukun. and I watched it straight.
damn. Im really crying like crazy. Why must you be so damn good at that Captain? I cant seem to stop my tears from falling.. crying with you as you called out that Obaachan's name.

I so love you.. even if you make me cry early in the morning *sniff*

*off to write my updates now*

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RATING: Rrrrrr
BETA READER: Amanda Siegel (best_in_sho@livejournal)
DISCLAIMER: entirely a work of fiction yo!
WORDCOUNT: 3,211 words
NOTE: the idea came from a friend who is also one of my favorite writers here in Aibakaland. Enjoy...


just look this way and I promise to take you to heaven tonight.. )

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Title: [Love Cupid Series] Story 1 : Ohno Satoshi - First Kiss (One Shot)
Rating : G
Pairing : Ohno/Sayou-chan
Author: jade
Note: for Sayounara123 for her birthday yaaayy~



“Ne, guys.. how about a drink? It’s been a while since the five of us went out for a drink right?”, Aiba said after their filming of Arashi no Shukudaikun wrapped up.

Read more... )
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I just finished watching the latest VS Arashi episode.. and I just couldn't stop myself.. I really need to cap those amazing expressions. to think that this morning until about 12 in the afternoon, I was practically sulking.. I miss my baby Mandy so much =( and the day's not even finished. she'll be gone for the weekend and we won't be able to talk which is a very bad thing for me.. for the last month, she has been the only person whom I can talk to openly.

It's a good thing this was uploaded by someone on Youtube.. bad I know, but still, it cheered me right up.. especially the beginning when they asked him his own meaning of MDA.. tsk, Satoshi-kun.. you never cease to amaze me with your adorkable remarks. anyway, need to finish Himitsu No Arashi-chan now.. they all look extra adorable in glasses, mind you..


                                              the smile                                                  the glare

                            Captain's switch is ON                            look of anticipation


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