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Note : had THIS song on repeat and man, of course Ohmiya should happen. OF COURSE.


"You were staring," Nino says when they're finally alone; Nino's finger dance around his elbow, down his wrist, and he finds himself leaning in forward to nose Nino's cheek. God, he waited more than four hours to do this, as he breathes Nino in.

"Can't help it," he says, pulling Nino by his hips, presses a kiss to his chin before he backs away. Nino looks so damn sexy in his suit - expensive stuff, he could tell - but he can't wait to get Nino out of it as soon as possible. He gives Nino a quick once over, commits Nino's look in mind and reaches over to fiddle at the button of Nino's suit jacket.

"Woah, there!" Nino breathes, but the teasing glint in his eyes is present and really, Ohno simply want to devour him.

"Off with it," he says, licking his lips. He slides his finger inside the collar of Nino's dress shirt, touching warm skin and his mouth waters. He wants to taste Nino everywhere, from his lips to his neck, down to every hidden ridges and curve. He just wants Nino.

"Come on,"

Nino chuckles but he doesn't comply. Instead, he puts his arms around Ohno's neck and draws him in.

"Why don't you dance with me first, Oh-chan?" Nino asks, cheeks pink; he's obviously embarrassed, but tries not to show it. Ohno doesn't have the heart to call Nino out on it. He wants to nail Nino right there against the door but he wants to take it slow, too. He wants to savour it, wants to taste Nino all over, kiss him till they're naked.

But he can wait.

He leans in, kisses the start of Nino's hair and pulls Nino closer. "Gladly."

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It's midnight here and after half an hour of staring at Loving you is hard word file, I gave up.

Anyway, just a little bit of something before I'm off to sleep.


This...this is exactly what he came here for. Ohno knows this, of course, of course; how could he not when this is everything he'd been dreaming all  his life, when this person makes up everything that made Ohno who he is, then, now, maybe always?

"Oh god, stop looking at me like that," the man says as Ohno shakes his head and does his best to suppress his smile but couldn't. "What?"

Ohno doesn't bother explaining and just leans in, bravely, anticipating the fist to the face afterwards but gets nothing except the hand worming aroudn the back of his head and the delicious gasp escaping the back of the other man's throat.

"Oh -" the man whispers against Ohno's lips and Ohno smiles and smiles and smiles, panting against the other man's mouth and muttering,

"Yes," Ohno breathes, "Yes, that's right. Now kiss me. Please kiss me again." he asks.

The man says nothing but Ohno doesn't need him to, really. It's enough that their lips are the ones doing the talking, at least for now.
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I'm sorry I've been having such a huge block this past few weeks, I'm sorry.


Note : based on Arashi's Aozora Pedal PV Making and kind of inspired by Sekamuzu Episode 4

He watches the way Nino carefully brushes Jun's bangs away from his forehead while he is straddling Jun's hips, laughing like no one is looking; it shouldn't bother him, watching Nino so intimately parks himself across Jun's body as if he doesn't care who's around to see it, but it does.

It does and he hates it.

He doesn't wait to find out what happens next. He's off to excuse himself the first chance he gets.


"He was supposed to act like it didn't bother him, when he rejected her," Nino tells him when they find themselves waiting their turn. Aiba is off to charm one of the girls while Jun takes the opportunity to check his face in the mirror. Sho is doing a fairly good impersonation of a crappy actor and obviously minutes away from pissing the director off. They've been at that particular scene for ages and until now, Sho can't still get it right.

"Ah," he says, not bothering sparing Nino a glance. "of course. You were the one who suggested this story, afterall," he says.

"What's wrong, Oh-chan?" Nino asks, his voice thin and he sounded a little weird. It makes things in his chest tight knowing that despite his lame attempt to keep this stupid feelings all to himself, he can't, because Nino can still see right through him.

He bites the inside of his cheeks and wishes he doesn't complicate things by saying things he doesn't mean to say even though he really does. Especially when those feelings are what's keeping him up some nights, thinking about them.

"Nothing," he lies, keeping his gaze locked on Sho's back. It doesn't escape him that Sho's shoulders look stiff even from where he is. "Just tired, I guess,"

"You've been avoiding me," Nino returns, blunt as ever. "Don't lie. You're not good at it,"

He won't even if he wants to anyway, he wants to tell Nino but keeps himself from saying it. "Was it something I did?" Nino says, pressing closer till their shoulders are touching that he finds himself wanting to recoil at that simple touch. It's not surprise as much as the electrifying sensation that comes with the briefest contact, his heart racing before he can stop it.

He turns then, raising his head in time to find Nino's eyes are on him, and just that, just that simple glance throws his heartbeat into chaos. He wonders then, while looking at the worry creasing Nino's forehead, at the concern behind Nino's eyes, how it's so easy to let himself believe it'll work out somehow, even though it probably won't.

He loves Nino so much, afterall, but loving him hurts in all the possible ways too.

No; it's because I love you so much it hurts.

He doesn't say anything, can't say anything, until he feels the press of Nino's fingertips across his cheek, the skin beneath his eyes before he hears Nino's voice, and realizes he voices his thoughts out loud afterall.

"Oh-chan, I'm so sorry,"
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"Is this the part where you said goodbye and I tell you it's fine and thank you for being with me however short that is?" he asks, wanting it to sound like he's mocking him but it honestly just came out wobbly, shaky.

Ohno steps forward then, hand cupping his cheek before he has time to react, before he is able to back away. To be honest, he doesn't have any intention to, not when Ohno's eyes are as tender as Ohno's fingers brushing soft touches across his cheek, as gentle as Ohno's gaze trained on his face.

"No," Ohno says, whispers, and leans in slowly, slowly, slowly. "this is the part where I say I'm so in love with you and that if it's okay for me to stay with you forever,"

He gapes, stunned, eyes wide as Ohno presses their lips together. "and now this is the part where you either say yes or fuck off - Nino?"

He is grabbing Ohno by his forearms and mashing their mouths together for a hard and demanding kiss.

He doesn't say anything. The kisses he plans on giving Ohno then are answer enough.

Prompt 12

Feb. 15th, 2016 04:39 pm
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Oh my god, [livejournal.com profile] jhing_tearjerky, this is all your fault <3


He saw him from a distance, just a glance, a very quick one before the man disappears from sight.

He stops, heart pumping hard through his chest, blood pounding through his veins and feels as if he's never been alive, until now.


He turns and gives the man standing next to him a somewhat watery smile.

"I found him, Jun-kun," he whispers, heart full to bursting as his eyes follows the back of the moving bus. "Kazu. I - I found him,"

Prompt 11

Feb. 10th, 2016 09:02 pm
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Note : AU. Ohno is a dentist XD


"Ninomiya Kazunari-san?" the nurse calls. He stands up and discards the fishing magazine he is flipping through a while back to pass the time.

"That's me," he says, raising a hand.

The assistant smiles and beckons him over. "It's your turn, Sir," she says, dimpling. "but first, let me inform you that Sakurai-san took an emergency leave of absence so he won't be the one to attend -"

"That's fine," he cuts in, tries his hardest to give her a smile though it's difficult enough to do that when it sure feels like his head is being split in half. Damn toothache is the worst pain there is! "Anyone is okay so long as he can stop this pain from killing me immediately," he says around a grimace.

The assistant gives him a sympathetic smile at the same time a guy with a sleepy sort of smile and the most gorgeous mouth pops his head out from the door and blinks at them.

"Is he the one?" the dentist asks. The nurse nods in answer. "Oh, okay. You can come in now,"

He does so, dazed for a moment until the assistant points him towards the chair. He's still a little bit dazed when the dentist walks over to where he is, his attention on the sheet he is reading.

"So, Ninomiya-san, trouble with the same tooth again?" the dentist asks. Nino nods, dumbly, vaguely aware of the fact that he is being shifted, the assistant tying something around his neck because his focus is solely on the dentist's face now half-hidden by his mask.

"It's alright," the dentist says, fingers cupping his jaw and making him twitch at the contact. "Open your mouth please," the dentist says.

Nino does, closing his eyes and imagining the dentist putting something in his mouth that he's not supposed to, and quietly curses himself the moment he realizes what he's doing.

"Chinen-kun, will you please get me a cup of coffee from the shop downstairs, I'll be fine here," the dentist says. The assistant simply hums a yes and leaves.

The minute the door closes, he feels the dentist's breath on his face, warm and alarmingly close, causing him to open his eyes and finds the dentist's face too close for comfort.


The dentist smirks and points down, the tips of his finger touching his hard on through his pants.

"You want me to take care of your teeth first or -" he pauses to slide a finger past Nino's parted mouth. "that thing between your legs? It's so hard and it looks mighty painful,"

Nino groans a yes before he can even stop himself.

Prompt 10

Feb. 10th, 2016 09:01 pm
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Note : Heartbreaker 3 tomorrow XD


Ohno stayed beside him, quiet, unmoving, saying nothing even when both of them know why they're here. The sky is already dark when Ohno does move, closer but not close enough, bumping their shoulders together lightly and murmurs, "I just came to say goodbye,"

He doesn't say anything even when Ohno takes his hand and squeezes it, turns a little to his right and drops a tiny, tiny kiss into his shoulder before he stands up to leave. He still doesn't say anything even when Ohno starts to walk away, even when the tears start to fall from his eyes.

He can't, because he knows that no matter what he says now, it won't ever be enough to make Ohno stay.
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Note : Blame the Empress. No, honestly, blame her. Also, hi? i'm back XD

"Keep still," Ohno hushes, breath warm and damp against Nino's skin and Nino wants to scream, wants to put his fingers to Ohno's hair and tugs, hurry things along but Ohno specifically told him not to. He keens and whimpers, fingers curling against the couch's cushions as Ohno's tongue - wet and wicked - goes back to lick a long, damp line from his navel to the spot where the head of his swelling cock rests.

"F-Fuck -" he moans, hips bucking up from the couch as Ohno's grip tightens on his legs. "O-Oh-chan, god, please, I -"

"Keep. Still." Ohno hums again, raising his head and making Nino whimper in combined frustration and arousal. He is so hard it is borderline painful, his stomach muscles clenching in anticipation as Ohno squeezes his legs. It's the gesture that clearly says 'calm down, relax, I got you,', the same gesture that drives Nino crazy every goddamn time Ohno does it.

He looks down then and finds Ohno gazing at his body hungrily, fingers brushing tentatively across the skin of his thigh. He braces himself on his elbow and watches the way Ohno is following the movements of his fingers, watches the way Ohno licks his lips as Ohno's fingers intentionally bypass his cock, leaving trails of heat on their wake.

"O-Oh-chan -"

Ohno curls his fingers against the curve of his hip, warm and possessive, before he ducks down to nuzzle Nino's navel. His other free hand rests against Nino's belly, rolling his thumb against the spot it is resting against. He gasps sharply when Ohno ducks his head again and licks a swirling pattern from his belly button to his navel.

"Ah, god -"

"You have the loveliest skin, Nino," Ohno hums, tone as dark as his eyes gazing down Nino's body. "I love mapping your skin with my fingers, my mouth," Ohno says, his voice breathy, husky. Nino feels like a motherfucking food on display with the way Ohno eyes him, his body, hungrily, like Ohno isn't sure if he wants to just devour him or stare at him all day long.

"God, stop talking, please, come on -" he whimpers, bucking up now, his cock seeking friction which Ohno hasn't - not even once since Ohno dragged him to the couch and unzipped his pants, since Ohno had tugged his shirt up his armpits and started licking his skin, allowed. "Suck me, come on, before the others - oh my god -" Nino's words trail because then Ohno takes pity on him and licks a long, wet line from the base of his cock to the tip, once, just once, fucking finally, before Ohno moves away again.

"W-Wha -" he says, so damn close to cursing Ohno to hell and back when Ohno starts tugging his shirt down and doing up his pants again. Nino feels like screaming.

"Breathe for me, Nino," Ohno says once he's done, cupping his chin and kissing the side of his mouth. He is still in dazed, blinking at Ohno and trying his hardest not to cry when someone who sounds exactly like Jun screams from the outside at the same time he bangs at the door.

"Hey, why is the door locked?! Hello? Hey, is anyone inside -"

"Oh god, oh shit, oh god -"

Ohno grins and taps his cock through his pants, affectionate and teasing. "I owe you, I know," Ohno says, kissing him again before pulling himself upright. "Later, I promise,"

He doubts if he'll make it to later, what with the way he feels like he is close to dying in hyperventilation already. But then again, Ohno never gets back on his promises, not to him, and Nino believes in 'good things come to those who wait patiently' so he will.

He watches Ohno's retreating back as he walks towards the door, reaching down to cup himself, to rearrange his cock inside his fucking pants.

Later, he said, he tells his cock, patting it for good measure. Later it is, then.
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Because the Empress and I have this kind of convo and it doesn't matter if it's late in the evening or so very early in the morning XD


Me : I think Nino's ehem ehem is big/fat. Because he's buff now. Buffer than Leader, tbh
Empress : hahahah
Empress : OMG, I just choked on nothing.
Me : Oh, sorry. LOL
Me : It's just that he looks fat.
Me : I bet his ehem ehem is fat too.
Empress : and long.
Empress : OMG
Empress : How the hell am I supposed to sleep now?
Me : *totally ignoring her*  I bet Leader can't hold it one-handedly anymore. One hand would have to hold the base, the other gripping the middle
Me : Damn it
Empress : WTF
Me : Shit
Empress : ahahahahah. OMG, after you said that you want me to sleep?!!
Me : I can imagine it OMG
Me : Like, Oh-chan will realize it. He'll be shocked.
Me : Maybe he'll say, "Nino, stop eating those goddamned milk buns, see your dick is getting fat, what the fuck!"
Empress : ROFL
Empress : Fuck you, Jade, what the hell.
Me : *suddenly thought of something* Ohno, holding the base of Nino's dick, pauses in the middle of licking the head to examine the cock in his hand. "Kazu, I think something's happened to your dick,"
Me : *continues* Nino blinks, confused, eyes heavy lidded with lust. "W-What?"
Empress : waaaaaaaa
Empress : OMG
Me : "It's gotten fat. Are you sure you're not feeding it with milk buns too?"
Me : LOL
Empress : and there's a free drabble too.
Empress : I think Oh-chan's having a lot of trouble now. Sucking Nino.
Me : hahahah
Empress : GDI, Jade
Me : Go to sleep!
Me : I might drabble this so go to sleep. I'm going to cook first.
Empress. Shit. I hope I dream about this. Ohmiya's dicks. This is all your fault
Empress : Drabble it!
Me : I hope you dream about their fat ehem ehem
Me : LOL
Empress : bwahahahha
Empress : I'm going to sleep! and I hope I'll dream about them.
Empress : Damn
Me : Goodnight.


and here's the drabble XD

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Originally posted in FB


He's fairly intoxicated, giggling with no reason at all. He is also sticking close to Ohno the way he normally wouldn't, brushing intentional touches to any part of Ohno he can reach and feeling vaguely like he ought to be embarrassed, but he's not; it's hard to feel that way when he feels woozy and every single thing he comes up with seems funny even in his own head.

He catches Ohno looking and his heart thrums unevenly inside his ribcage, the familiar 'behold, Ohno is close and he's looking' kind-of beat is there again despite the fact that he's supposed to be drunk enough to ignore it.

"What? " he whispers, once he at least work up the nerve to ask, mouth tilting ruefully at the edges.

Ohno smiles, soft and a little sad and he leans back a second too late when Ohno reaches over to slide a finger across his cheek that he wasn't able to avoid it.

"Nothing, " Ohno says, his voice as gentle as his finger brushing soft touches across Nino's cheek. "I just. I didn't know you can still do that," Ohno mumbles, and Nino tries tracking the movement of Ohno's lips, tries making sense of the fact that Ohno is touching him, that Ohno's eyes are on him, and they are as close together the way they haven't been for years.

"Do what?" he asks, a touch confused.

A smile appears at the corners of Ohno's mouth, the one that does things to Nino's heart, and Nino almost, almost gasps at the mostly forgotten ache that blooms in his chest at the sight.

"Break my heart," Ohno answers simply, before he takes his hand back and moves away.

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He hums, lost in the feel and taste of Ohno's cock filling his mouth, eyes tightly shut as he let his instinct take over for now. It's too easy, pretending it is not his Leader's fingers alternating between tugging on his hair and touching the side of his face, his temple, his ears, to pretend that it is not his Leader's hips his own fingers are gripping tight but someone else's.

He can't, though, because Ohno is whimpering breathlessly every goddamn time he swallows around Ohno's dick, reminding him yet again how fucking bad it all is. It's not even once he tells himself to stop, but everytime he pulls away, Ohno is making that frustrated, 'what are you doing, come back here quickly' kind of noise that has him coming back in between Leader's legs and taking Leader's cock into his mouth again.

"Nino - fuck, oh fuck, oh -" Ohno mewls, tugging on his ears and pushing his hips slowly into Nino's mouth slowly, his legs shaking benath Nino's careful grip. He can feel his own dick's desire to be freed and stroked but he ignores the urge in favor of tilting his head to the side and letting Ohno's cock slide in deeper into his mouth, basking on the tiny sounds of pleasure leaving the older man's lips when he did it.

"Shit, Nino, I might - I'll - oh oh oh -" Ohno is stringing incoherent words now and Nino is also too far gone to try and understand what Ohno is saying as he swallows around his mouthful and keep his grip around Ohno's hips, parting his mouth wider and pushing his gag reflex to its limit so that on Ohno's next thrust, his cock hits the back of Nino's throat easily.

Ohno curses, gasps then curses again, hips jerking into Nino's mouth and is gone with a shout before either of them realizes what is happening.


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Word : Soulmate

He opens his eyes and meets Ohno's own the moment Ohno's hands fall, realizes with a start that his chest is heaving, his eyes damp with tears.

"W-What... What was that?" he croaks, fingers finding Ohno's own with so little difficulty.

Ohno smiles then, the one that doesn't reach his eyes and tugs at their joined hands, lifting them just so Ohno could press a soft kiss against the back of his knuckles, whispering, "That was me without you," Ohno says, then, "the world where you and I aren't together,"

"B-But it's... you were -"

"Miserable," Ohno cuts in, "very much so,"


Ohno takes his face in between the older man's hands and leans in, presses a kiss against the side of his mouth before he is being tugged into the older man's arms, the only other place he'd want to stay in forever, if he can.

"You leave and that's what will happen, Nino," Ohno says, fingers warm and comforting around the back of his head. "so don't, okay? Don't ever go anywhere without me, I can't stand it... I think I won't even survive it if you leave, so don't. Just stay with me, okay? Promise me,"

He doesn't know what to say so he doesn't try, just simply tilts his head and catches Ohno's mouth into a kiss, one that is both promising and assuring as Ohno kisses him back with all he has.
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Note : and so I keep on breaking them up. XD

It should be so easy to pretend he doesn't know what that look on the other man's face means, too easy to ignore the debilitating need to reach out and ask the other man what he thinks he's up to, but he can't. He can't because...

"Y-You... You're not serious,"

"I am,"

"I -" he stutters, fingers shaking along with the rest of him. "W-Why now? Why not before? A month ago? Six months ago? Why now? Why -"

"Because a month ago, you wouldn't even look at me. You couldn't even stand being in the same room with me, so how do you expect me to tell you I'm still so fucking in love with you? How do you expect me to talk to you about my feelings when the only thing you do when I try is to shut me out? I couldn't do anything then, Nino..I couldn't because you wouldn't let me. You wouldn't and it's so painful it's not even once I have thought of giving you up. But I can't. I can't because I'm so in love with you that even though you keep on pushing me away, I stayed. I'm still here. Still waiting for you to look at me. Still waiting for you to take me back..."

"Oh god -"
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Note : I swear this is the only thing I can manage these days. But I swear they are filled with so much angst I'm not sure what to do with these prompts anymore, LOL.

As usual, Ohmiya. Cheese and angst, people XD

lover boy Ohno )
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"I didn't know you still cared," he says.

"I didn't know it either," Ohno agrees, "I was so good at pretending I don't love you anymore I myself almost believed it too,"

"But - do you?" he pauses, swallowing hard, past the lump that has formed in his throat.  Ohno looks at him then and suddenly, he gets it. It's hard not to, not when Ohno is giving him all the reason to believe that this, right here, is everything he wished he have, the only thing he always had in his hands but didn't know it.

"You're seriously asking me that?" Ohno says. He doesn't really know what to say so he doesn't bother.

Ohno shakes his head and gives him a smile that is part-amused, part-resigned, like being here, stuck in the hospital bed because he stupidly dodged a bullet  meant for Nino means so little, especially to Nino. "I was ready to give my life for you, Kazunari," Ohno says, reaching up to where the bullet striked through and Nino's chest constricts with the remembered terror of feeling Ohno's unmoving and bleeding body atop him. His eyes scans Ohno's cheeks marred with bruises and cuts and his heart aches fiercely at the thought of losing Ohno forever because of his stupidity. "if that isn't enough to convince you, tell me now and I'll do it,"

He smiles through the tears, reaching over to touch the side of Ohno's mouth.

"You already did, idiot,"


Dec. 5th, 2015 09:44 pm
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He tugs him back before the other man is able to turn away. "Wait, what did you just say?"

"You heard me," the man says, "don't make me say it again,"

A beat. "You love me,"

"Leader -"

"Seriously, you do?"

"Ohno-san -"

"Fuck, now I want to kiss you,"

"It's not -"

"I'm going to kiss you,"

"That's not - ashsgdaa;sb;sh;a-"
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Sometimes, he looks at his bestfriend and thinks, someday, someone wonderful is going to fall in love with you.

(Because I'm certain I am not that person, even though I already am so in love with you.)

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So this. I don't even know what to say about this except that it is filthy and I sincerely hope this doesn't (and didn't) happen in real life because, well, it's filthy. Blame those ladies in Twitter for this.

[livejournal.com profile] sweetspicyhot [livejournal.com profile] octavialao [livejournal.com profile] jhing_tearjerky [livejournal.com profile] shinigamiami

Also, this will and should never leave the four corners of this journal. NEVER.

Fair Play
NC 17
Prompt : Wheelchair/hospital sex  based on that Sakumoto grandma incident.
(I should go to hell for this)


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Title : [Fic] Superstar
Author : Jadey
Rating : PG
Genre : Romance. Angst. Tooth – rotting fluff.
Pairing : Jun/OC
Disclaimer : fiction, yo!
Summary : Somehow, he doubted if he would ever get around to seeing those faces she made when she looked at him; he couldn’t decide whether it was a good thing to see someone look at him the way she always did, as if she couldn’t believe he was there, as if she couldn’t believe she were that lucky.
Word count: 2700 words (seriously, this was supposed to be a drabble. DRABBLE!)
Note : based on chellie’s prompt:

“You’re rich… famous,” he sighed. “and you said it yourself, right? You always get what you want,”

“But I never wanted you. I needed you.”

Note 2 : oh my god, I wrote HET.  for the lovely [livejournal.com profile] shitosa215, [livejournal.com profile] shardaunei [livejournal.com profile] icedragontmr s[livejournal.com profile] sweetspicyhot [livejournal.com profile] renchan27

But for all it’s worth, Jun always thought he was the lucky one for finding her. )


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