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A/N : so this is going to be what the next part will be.

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Note : Based on the prompt : Fall in love with someone who tastes like adventure but looks like the calm, beautiful morning after a terrible storm.



“That’s my win, you damn, terrible cheater!” Jun wails, pinning him to the couch and refusing to let go despite his whining, grabbing the controller he still has in his hands and putting it away.

“Only in your dreams, Matsumoto!” he wails in return, laughing when Jun all but drops all his weight on him to keep him in place. “Oh my god, are you going to suffocate me to death just because I beat you sixteen times in a row – mphhh!”

“Shut up,” Jun mumbles into his mouth once he’s pulled away just far enough to talk and Nino finds himself arching up to follow the lost heat, fingers scrambling to grab any part of Jun he can touch so he can pull him back down to him again.

It’s rare for Jun to initiate something like this, afterall, but when he does, Nino always gets to enjoy him. The way Jun arches back to his every touch, the way Jun reciprocates his kisses as if he is starving for them himself. It’s those moments when Nino is able to differentiate his bandmates – not for how Nino knows them but exactly how Nino categorizes them for their kisses.

Jun’s always tastes like victory, like it’s something he’s worked hard to achieve no matter the situation is.

“Shut up, shut up, shut up,” Jun tells him, face flushed with embarrassment and something else Nino wants to taste beneath his tongue instead, finds himself arching into the warm solidity of Jun’s body atop him.

“You know how to,” he mumbles his answer, worming his arms around the back of Jun’s neck to draw him in, mouth already parted for Jun.
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I was really going to finish this today but something really urgent happened. It's about my father. I'm not going to elaborate much on this because I've cried enough and I refuse to cry anymore because it's not going to help anyway.

So instead of finishing it, I took my HD out and watched a few old Shiyagare episodes to cheer me up. And it did. So again, thanks Arashi for cheering me up.

Preview of this filthy fic that I promise will be posted tomorrow with In Time's interlude. Forgive me, Ninomiya-san.

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And to celebrate Nino's birthday (it's still the 17th here), I took a few caps of the episode I watched tonight. I missed his skinny bod, I swear XD

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Goodnight for now.
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He couldn't even look at her without remembering the way she had moaned Leader's name back there in the stall, the way she had begged him to take her hard and fast like she was a common whore....

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Will be posted tomorrow along with the final part of Angel's wings :D

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Preview because this isn't finished yet, sorry.

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Note : another side story for Book of Tears (SOMEONE STOP ME BECAUSE I CAN’T SEEM TO LET THIS FIC GO) based on [ profile] icecreamsuki comment (And then I wondered... How come Ohno went to Nino's apartment in the first place before he first saw the diaries? Just because he realized he still had the spare key didn't mean that he had to go. Maybe you can make a side story on how Ohno found that spare key, and the feelings that drove him to actually barge in Nino's apartment.)

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This one is finished but nope, I'm too tired to think of a title so this will have to wait until tomorrow. Anyway, it's just the obligatory smut, so, yeah :D

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So I am alive but RL has been a hectic roller coaster ride. Or maybe it's just me being lazy, or something, I don't know. I've been writing too but there's this thing I've been working on for almost a year now that I couldn't seem to finish, and then a week ago, I started checking it out again. I'm not sure but I really do want to try and finish this one at least by early next year, maybe I'd be able to earn something from it. I don't know, I'm still not sure.

Anyway, preview. This is Sakumoto and Ohmiya, as always.

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So, this fic. Is. dramatic.

That's it. Kbye.

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Note : so, the accidental Marks series heh. this one is completed but I'm not going to post this until... tomorrow XD no really, let me at least give you a little something to look forward to, okay? LOL. I mean, two posts a night is well and good but --- nope, it's not gonna happen tonight, no matter how much you beg, sorry? XD

anyway, preview, because I'm evil like that.

Also, this is what happens after Cruel XD see, [ profile] gambitsfox, I wrote it :D

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Note : currently about 2k words, probably not going to stop there, though. Based on that VS Arashi Hawaii episode :D

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at work and writing because I can. lol
and because I want to finish this now before I lose the will to write again. wish me luck?

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As requested by the lovely, [ profile] neenashareefa, currently around 1700 words. Will be ready to be posted tomorrow :D sort of continuation of Supposedly Beneficial :D

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Note : brain’s out for a walk so I can’t vouch for the coherency of this thing. I just. Yeah.

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So it is 11 already and I had to wake up at crap o'clock tomorrow but I can't sleep. Anyway, preview of this fic I have  been working on for days now. [ profile] genickph, Sakumoto you say? XD

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Going to bed in a few minutes after I finished this ep of GOT. Here's a little something for you to hate me more. Will not be crossposted anywhere else, so, read on?

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AU. Set in the Platina movie universe XD

Ryu woke up to the familiar feel of Saki’s fingers stroking his cheeks. )
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Note : because I promised [ profile] himitsu_17, here it is. It's done already but since I have posted [ profile] shinigamiami's Sakumoto fic tonight, I'll post this one tomorrow. Here's a preview for you, dear <3

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Note : because I feel bad knowing that there are people checking this journal and yet I don't have anything new to offer. I'm writing this, hopefully I'd be able to finish by tomorrow. Oh, and it's Ramadan already so our working timings are reduced to 6 hours a day, yaay! for the lovely [ profile] shinigamiami because I know it's been ages since I've written a Sakumoto for you :D

Just a little snippet XD

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