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Title : Pit Patter Pop
Rating : PG l Fluff
Pairing : OHNO/NINO
Summary : This shoot is going to be the death of them.
Note : Ugh, brain, wth. I love you, [livejournal.com profile] daisukidesu3 and Pupay, [livejournal.com profile] pupilurker hang in there!


The bags under Nino's eyes are visible even through the semi-darkness, and that almost-familiar twist in his chest returns the second Nino opens his eyes and looks his way. )

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Note : Because [livejournal.com profile] daisukidesu3 said I am banned from writing angst.... IDEK anymore :D


Title : [Drabble] Return of the King
Pairing : OHMIYA
Rating : Rrrrrrrrrrrrr
Summary : Ohno gets pissed and wants to break up. Nino ignores him. (Or not)
Note : to be fair, pissed Ohno is hot as fuck. Yeah? Yeah? Also, 9.1 of Wolfverse tomorrow! Or later :D


He's only halfway inside the door when he remembers Nino's stupid, stupid stunt earlier. Unsurprisingly, the memory of it is enough to piss him off. Again. )
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Note : Once, long ago, when I first watched Arashi's Aozora PV Making, I wanted to write something. I'm not sure why I didn't though. Maybe because of Ohmiya. I still wouldn't probably write it today.

Drabble : Bestfriend knows best
Pairing : Sakumiya bffery/ Ohmiya


"A penny for your thoughts?" Sho asks, as Sho's arms worm around him from behind. Nino chuckles half-heartedly, unsure of what to say.

"Make it a dollar and maybe I'll think about it," he says, curling his fingers around Sho's hands, feeling them shake. "or maybe I won't at all," he adds, quietly; he can't help but keep his gaze off of Ohno who is still crouched on the ground, still playing around with Aiba and the girls.

"You're staring at him," Sho tells him matter-of-factly, nodding at their bandmates' general direction and Nino will laugh it off if it's not for the fact that he also feels like crying.

"At Jun-kun?" he asks, jerking in suprise when Aiba lights another firecracker, he and Ohno jumping backwards at the same time, squealing. Like bunch of kids, to be honest. "Sure. I'm jealous at his hair. Are you sure I can't ask our stylist for that same hairstyle too?"

"Nino -"

"I know what you're saying, Sho-chan," he says, softly, under his breath, squeezing Sho's hands and meaning it to be reassuring. It might not look like it but he hopes Sho will be kind enough to let it go, especially when the simple fact that he's here and Ohno is there, close but not close enough for him to make out Ohno's features in the semi-darkness is killing him. "please don't."

"Did something happen?" Sho asks.

"Nothing that should worry you, Mother," he teases, though his voice sounds scratchy, breathy, even in his own ears. "so please cut it out."

"You were fine earlier," Sho says, squeezing him hard; Nino wants to weep, to tell Sho exactly what is wrong but he's not sure how to say them, where to begin. "when we were filming together. So what happened?"

"Sho-chan, please -"

"And Satoshi-kun was acting weirdly too," Sho says, "is there something you want to tell me?"

He shakes his head, but the words are spilling out of his mouth before he can even stop them. "He said he's in love with me," he whispers, chest heaving hard. The familiar tug is there, the happiness and the equal dreadness of finally hearing the words he never thought he'd ever hear is there too but knowing that he did the unthinkable by walking away the second after is what's gnawing at him at every turn.

Sho's arms tighten visibly around him. "Oh, Nino."

"He said he loves me," he continues, voice shaking uncontrollably. "that he's in love with me, something I've wanted to hear from him for years but - but you know what I did, Sho-chan? I walked away. I walked off without saying anything, without acknowledging him, and his feelings," he says, feels Sho tugging him in till his back is pressed firmly against Sho's front. "I'm so fucking stupid."

"You're not," Sho says, pressing a kiss against the top of his head. Sometimes, Nino wonders why he can't love Sho the way he loves Ohno, then figures there must be an even bigger reason than the fact that despite the closeness, despite Sho's arms branded around him protectively, he doesn't feel as though he's drowning. Only Ohno can do that to him, because Ohno simply needs to look at him for his heart to start racing, the way Sho's closeness never would. "you're just scared and that's - that's just understandable. I mean, of course you have every reason to be afraid, to be shocked, but it shouldn't ruin your chance to be happy. Satoshi-kun loves you, and that in it's simplicity should be reason enough for you to trust that somehow, you both can do this, together."

For a moment there, he can't speak, though it doesn't escape him when Ohno is suddenly glancing at their direction and leaving the spot he is sitting at next to Aiba. HIs heart starts racing again. "You make it sound so simple," he says, eyes following Ohno's movements.

Sho chuckles and before he realizes it, Sho has let him go. It's not surprising that he is still coherent enough to pay attention, especially when Ohno is walking fast, closer and closer, and stops when they are just a few feet apart.

Ohno's eyes are so soft and his smile is so beautiful it hurts. He is also reaching his hands out, trusting Nino to take them. Nino doesn't dare move until he feels himself get pushed forward Ohno has to hold him steady lest he'll stumble.

"Maybe because I know that it is," is the last thing he hears from Sho before Ohno's hands take his, warm and firm.

"Nino, do you want to light one more?" Ohno asks, his tone light and kind. Nino wants to kiss him. "I saved one for you."

He smiles, knows that maybe, probably, he can do that later. In private. For now, he has Ohno's hands in his, and Ohno's smile to get him through the night.

"I'd feel bad if you didn't," is what he says before he lets Ohno pull him.
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Title : [Drabble] Sweet like honey
Author : Jadey
Pairing : Ohmiya
Rating : PG. Fluff
Summary : "Is the heart really necessary?" is what Nino tells him the second he opens the door to the apartment. He's not even halfway in but he can very well spot Nino leaning against the living room's wall and smirking.
Note : So today, Ohno Satoshi made my shipper heart happy <3


Nino's answering smirk is sheepish, boyish, Ohno feels like touching it, tasting it. He does neither and simply opts and staying where he is, watching Nino take the few deciding steps towards him until Nino is practically crowding him to the door, their faces not even a breath's apart. )
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Title : [Drabble] Find your way  back
Author : Jadey
Rating : PG
Pairing : Ohmiya
Summary : But sometimes, just sometimes, when Ohno is close to him like this and he can just make out the shadow of uncertainty, the mark of regret marring the corners of Ohno's mouth, Nino can't help but wish for things to be different.
Note : OMG guys, I'm back :DDD I'm finally done with my NinoEx assignment, yay!


It's half past two and Nino can't sleep. He tiptoes out of the living room as quietly as he could manage it, badly needing a smoke. He slides the glass door leading outside, inhaling gratefully. Despite the lateness of the hour, Tokyo is still brimming with lights, the city looking alive as ever. He steps out, whipping his cigarette out and stops. )

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Note : Snippets in my head that don't make sense.

"Tell me something," Nino says. It took Ohno a long moment to realize what he's being asked because he's too busy staring at Nino's fingers shuffling the cards.

"I love you," he says the first thing that came to mind.

Nino doesn't even lift his eyes from the cards, but Ohno saw it anyway. The way the corners of Nino's lilt into a would-be smile as he shuffles the card, the pink tainting his cheeks. He doesn't anything but Ohno doesn't need him to. He just reaches over and slides a tender thumb across Nino's cheek and repeats the words just high enough for Nino to hear.


Ohno knows he should pay attention - the interviewer looks like she's already considering throwing the questionnaire at his face but he can't be bothered to pretend she's got his undivided attention when Nino is pressed warmly to his side. "Answer her," Nino says and Ohno finds himself shifting to his side so he can look at Nino, finds himself hooking his chin against Nino's shoulder and mumbling, "You,"

Nino giggles at this and promptly tells him to quit goofing around even when his arm he worms around Ohno's back and keeps it there.
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Title : [Drabble] Like a fairytale, but not
Author : Jadey
Pairing : Matsumiya (bff-ery), Ohmiya, Sakumoto, Gen Arashi friendship
Rating : PG?
Summary : They don't even make it to the backstage before Jun is sauntering to the guests wearing his fiercest scowl to date. Nino wonders if he should be worried because it sure looks like Jun is about to either claw the guest's eyes out or bash his head against the nearest wall but it's difficult when he is also trying his hardest to keep Ohno from doing the same.
Disclaimer : fiction, desu!
Note : because Kat is feeling down, drabble for her! Based on that latest VS Arashi


He can't help it, he laughs, happy and giddy as he folds his arms around Ohno, kisssing the tips of Ohno's nose. "It's part of the game, you old twit," he says, "please don't tell me you didn't know we were supposed to do it like that?" )
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Title : [Drabble] Thrill
Author : Jadey
Rating : R
Pairing : Ohmiya
Disclaimer : fiction, yo!
Note : start of the mini holiday tomorrow till Friday. Off to sleep but these two, really, I just missed them. For [livejournal.com profile] daisukidesu3 and [livejournal.com profile] jhing_tearjerky


Nino turns away too quickly but this time he is quicker. Hand shooting out to grab the nearest part of Nino he can reach - getting the hem of Nino's shirt first before his fingers find Nino's elbow and holding on, he tugs, almost roughly that Nino ends up barelling against him, into him, too close that he can practically breath the air leaving Nino's mouth.

He steadies Nino with a hand down the small of Nino's back and holds Nino firmly against him, giving himself a few seconds to move his gaze across Nino's face, at the slight quivering of Nino's chin when he pulls Nino in.

Nino tries to wriggle free but it only makes him want to hold Nino tighter. "Let go,"

"Why should I?" he asks, branding his arm around Nino firmly.

"Leader, I said let me go -" Nino starts, and he swears there's something in Nino's voice that makes things in his chest tight, something in the way Nino's eyes are saying no, don't...just hold me, don't let go, finding himself unable to quell the urge any longer.

"I'm sorry, but I can't," he hisses, tugging Nino in so quickly Nino's back arches almost immediately when he leans forward without letting Nino go, mouth finding Nino's own and getting the side of Nino's mouth on the first try. Nino hisses, shocked, but he doesn't let it stop him.

Instead, he holds Nino steady with one arm and uses his other to firmly grasp Nino's jaw, tilting Nino's face and murmuring, "Don't make this harder than it has to be, Kazu," he says, soft and tender, thumb gracing Nino's bottom lip. "I'm going to kiss you and you're going to let me. Now keep still because I won't be able to do it properly if you're like this," he says, then, he adds, teasingly, "and breath, for fuck's sake. You look like you're about to get eaten alive. You won't okay? I'm just going to kiss you and I swear to god, you'll like it," he says, leaning over slowly, feeling Nino's resolve melt as Nino does too in his arms.

"O-Oh-chan -"

"Shhh," he hushes, watching the way Nino's eyes close, his mouth parted slightly in a gasp at the first warm touch of their lips against each other. 
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Title : [Drabble] Here for you
Author : Jadey
Rating : PG
Pairing : Ohmiya
Summary : Nino is tired. Ohno just wants to take care of him.
Disclaimer : fiction. but not quite
Note : sometimes, it's frustrating when you've always been on the same page with a person and then next day, you're not. But somehow, stuff like that happens. Well, because it did. YOU - please know that you're so damn important to me so please know that it pisses me off to think that you think otherwise. Goodness. I love you. And I hate feeling this way.
Note 2 : Full album for Japonism is up on the previous post. Check it out if you want them.

I care more than you know... )
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Title : Too late
Author : Jadey
Pairing : Ohmiya
Rating : Angst
Note : Originally posted in FB (I'm so sorry) There might be another post later. Maybe.


"Just -" Nino pauses here, mouth twisting ruefully around the edges that the sight alone is enough to make things in his chest tight. It's an awful one to be honest, something he hadn't felt in years. "You remember last night when you asked me what would be the thing I regretted most in my life?" )
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I'm supposed to be doing something else, something important, but.

But I'm not doing it, so sue me.

Also, I miss the Empress today. And I'm so stressed, I'm already thinking of sending an email about backing out. But I'm giving myself another week to come up with a decent plot or give up on it entirely. Damn it, why's it so hard to come up with a story line for another pairing when it's too easy for Ohmiya? /cries

Anyway. Tiny fics because Ohmiya is my stress-reliever, tbh.

ohmiya drabbles. Prompt : TALKS )
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Work is stressful. And I am seriously this close to throwing this laptop into my boss' face. Heh.

The door closes behind them and Nino doesn't even waste time into jumping him.

"Wait wait wait,"

Nino licks his lips then leans in forward to lick his chin, a warm, wet trail from that spot to the underside of his jaw.

"No no no,"

"Are you serious?" he hisses, then valiantly tries to push Nino away but to no avail. The brat sure is good at clinging like a fucking koala. "I - we're inside a fucking hospital room!"

Nino simply archs an eyebrow at him, hand moving down in between them to cup him through his pants.

"Yes," Nino agrees with a wicked grin. "So?"

"We're not fucking here," he says, though its getting pretty difficult to stay focused when Nino's fingers are as wicked as their owner. Fucking hell. "We're here for my fucking medical examination!"

"Why, are you sick?" Nino asks him, then leans up to bite his ear before Nino tugs him away from the wall and guides him somewhere else, at least until he bumps his hip against something.

"What the -"

"Sit. Your. Ass. Down."

He eyes the wheelchair contemplatively, torn between punching Nino and being turn on to the point of pain.

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Title : [Drabble] Chimeria (Forget me not)
Author: Jadey
Rating: R
Pairing: Ohmiya
Summary: Nino's fingers are tangled against his, cold against his own; the chip that is attached to Nino's forearm has been beeping nonstop since morning and they both know, even without checking it, that Nino has merely an hour before his system restarts.
Disclaimer: fiction, yo!
Note: so [livejournal.com profile] octavialao prompted this, don't ask me. I really should sleep now, LOL.


Their time limit is fast approaching and he knows, even without Nino telling him, that Nino is terrified. )

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Work is crazy and my  brain needs a fucking break. Thus, a drabble. Or something, IDEK anymore. [livejournal.com profile] ruri_08 [livejournal.com profile] shoyuko_audris [livejournal.com profile] littlebadlei, how's twitter today? I miss talking to you guys :'(

Title : It's called fate for a reason
Pairing : Ohmiya (as usual)
Rating : PG (just to be safe)
Summary : Nino is a fake fortune teller. Ohno is his first and only customer. There might be kissing. And handjobs. Probably.
Note : I have a headache.


He was just about to prepare his table, and cards and his other set of cards when the guy strolled in, took his still upturned chair and dragged it to the front before the guy sat down with an almost inaudible 'oof'. )

/tbc because my boss is here now. hahahaha. FINISHED AND DONE! WOOT!
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This is not like those. LOL. But! okay, spot on word vomit. Before I hit the bed, dum dum dum.

How about we play GUESS THE PAIRING? too troublesome? Sorry.

[livejournal.com profile] ruri_08, here, have some lame, tiny bits of Ohmiya before bed XD

1. The End

"All you have to do is say yes and I'll do the rest," he whispers and he knows he sounded more like he's begging but he doesn't care, not really, not anymore; he's used to being treated like he's nothing, afterall.

The other man simply shakes his head without even sparing him a glance. "Sorry," the man apologizes, though he doesn't even sound the slightest bit apologetic. "I don't trust you enough not to mess up so I asked Sho-chan instead. Maybe next time,"

"There might be no next time," he says, sitting back; he doesn't miss the way the other man's brow raises and that's all the reaction he got from him. Nothing more. "There'll be no next time," he mutters, more to himself before he takes the gun out and aims it against the side of his temple.

2. Roll it

A groan tore itself from the back of his throat, raw and needy, and for one shocking second he wondered where that sound came from until he realized it was him. He was moaning, afterall, breath coming out in ragged puffs as he tried muffling the noises against his pillow but failing.

And quite frankly, he was pretty sure it wasn't his fault.

"You're squeezing me so tight, god," the man above him stuttered out, hips rolling in counter, meeting his halfway; the sensation was being heightened with every thrust, the pleasure building faster with every roll and god damn it, he was going to lose it. "Fucking shit, so perfect," the man murmured again at the same time he leaned in to bite his chin, hips jerking shallowly.

"Finish it, come on," he whined, too exhausted to feel properly embarrassed because of what he just asked. But it's been too long and he never really claimed to have an endless reservoir of energy despite being dubbed as THE powerhouse.

"Say the word, Sir," the other man whispered, though his gaze was intently focused down below to where their bodies are joined, fingernails digging a little painfully against the soft skin of his thighs.

He arched from the bed and clenched around the cock in his ass, biting his lips like a whore.

"Please fuck me. Hard."

"Finally," the other man breathed, and managed a breathy, "Hang on," before he rocked his world.

3. Be mine

He twists the thing in between his fingers, watches as the lights bounces around it.

"The fuck is this?"

Ohno grins.

"No really, what the fuck is this?"

Ohno looks sheepish. "Um, a ring?"

"I know it's a ring dumb ass, I'm not stupid," he returns, blinking at the silver band. "But why are you giving me a ring?"

Ohno still looks sheepish. "Um. Because I'm proposing?"

A beat. "What the fuck?"

"I know, right?" Ohno returns, smiling like a million dollar. "It means that if you say yes, we can fuck legally afterwards. Isn't it awesome?"

Another longer beat. "You're crazy,"

Ohno takes it as his cue to lean forward. "I am," Ohno agrees, "Crazy in love with you, that is," he says and kisses him.

He doesn't  get to think of any proper answer because just like always, Ohno manages to steal his breath away just by being there. God damn it.


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Title : [Drabble] In the details
Author : Jadey
Rating : PG
Pairing : Ohmiya. Sakumoto
Disclaimer : fiction, yo!
Summary : "They've fucked," he says, beaming from ear to ear. Ohno's brow raises while Sho practically chokes at nothing.
Note : sorry but drabbles are the only thing I can manage these days. sorry.


"They fucked," he says, beaming from ear to ear. Ohno's brow raises while Sho practically chokes at nothing. )
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Title : [Drabble] All is fair in love and ...
Author : Jadey
Rating : PG
Pairing : Jun/Sho
Disclaimer : fiction, yo!
Summary : It's six in the freaking morning and they are already arguing.
Note : I am still not feeling well.


Read more... )
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Title : [Drabble] Make it count
Author : Jadey
Rating : PG
Pairing : Jun/Sho
Disclaimer : fiction, yo!
Summary : He realize it now, though, that the things he misses are the things he once have but won't be able to get back anymore.
Note : I am not feeling well. again. :( for [livejournal.com profile] shinigamiami, [livejournal.com profile] sweetspicyhot [livejournal.com profile] octavialao and to all of you Sakumoto shippers. FORGIVE ME.


Read more... )
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it's 11 now. why am I even awake?

"If I told you I loved you,  would you stay?"

Sho doesn't even blink, doesn't even stop from shoving his clothes into his bag.

"It's a little too late for that, Jun," Sho says, and stands up, hitching his bag up his shoulder. Jun wants to say something but Sho chooses that moment to walk right up to him reaches out to cup his cheek.

"But if it makes you feel better," Sho says, smiling indulgently, "I would have stayed but my flight leaves in a couple of hours and I can't miss it. well talk about this love when I get back, alright?"

He snorts and leans to steal a kiss, because he can. "Take care, you jerk,"

Sho kisses him back. "Yeah, I love you, too,"

All out

Oct. 25th, 2014 10:57 pm
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A/N: yo!

"Look me in the eye and tell me straight to my face that you don't want me,"

He blinks and shakes his head, would have even scoffed if he could,  but.

"You don't get to ask me that," he says instead, "you lost every right to ask me  anything the minute you pulled that shit. And I am not that dumb to let you fuck around while you keep me inside your fucking pocket,"

A sigh, then. "I - who says I'm fucking around --"

"I'm not that stupid,  Satoshi,  and do save your fucking breath because whatever you're selling, I'm not buying it"

"You're impossible, "

"And you're stupid if you think I'm going to let you near me just because my dick has a fucking mind of its own,"

Ohno makes an almost frustrated sound from the back of his throat, and gives him no warning as he finds himself being shoved into the wall with Ohno's body pressed against him.

"Well, I don't really need your permission to be able to do that, do I?"

"Fuck, let go of me! "

Ohno grins and rolls his hips into him, and a moan dislodged itself from the back of his own throat. His hands flying onto Ohno's shoulders like his life depended on it.

"No," Ohno says, leaning up to lick his chin. "No, Nino,  I don't think so," Ohno says and dives in.

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