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It's officially your birthday on your side of the world now and I do hope you could spend it fishing but right now, even I think that's not really possible :D I'm sure you'd still be working on your special day and though that is the case, I'm sure you'll be just fine.

A lot of things have happened this year yeah? And though the awful things stood out, those couldn't compare to the many wonderful things that also happened to you and your bandmates this year.

I want to tell you a lot of things (even though it's obvious that I really can't, but I'll say them just the same) but I think it all boils down to one thing : I TRULY WISH YOU TO BE HAPPY.

I know being in this industry is hard for you, and not even the two decades of being here was able to change that. You have things you wanted to do that you couldn't because you're in the limelight, because people expect things from you that they never really shouldn't. I know you work the absolute hardest to be where you are right now (just like the other four) and I salute you for that. I'm glad that despite your initial desire to leave Arashi, you still stayed. I'm glad that despite the many things you want to do on your own, you instead chose to do them when you can, in between your seldom breaks from your work and Arashi. I'm glad that despite falling in love a lot of times - and this is my selfish, fangirl heart talking here - you haven't gone ahead and marry any of them girls, LOL.

I'm glad that you're you and that you never allowed the industry to taint your personality, the way you viewed yourself and your work and the world in general. I'm glad that Sho and Jun and Aiba and Nino are there for you no matter what, I'm glad that despite the many difficulties you five have to suffered during the fifteen years you've been together, you remained as one unit.

I truly hope you are happy, Ohno-san, like really, really happy. I know being in Arashi makes you happy now, maybe not so much before but I can honestly say that you view Arashi and your work in a very different level now. In time, I know you will have to settle down and build your own family, and when you do, I truly hope it is with someone who will take care of you and love you the way you deserved to be loved.

It will happen, and I know that it will. But for now, we are selfish and wants you for ourselves for a little bit longer, and I do hope that is okay.

Again, Happy birthday, Ohno-san. I don't know how many times I've said this but I'm truly glad to be a part of your fanbase. You're a great person, a great artist, an inspiration. I love you.


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As you all know, Arashi performed a medley of songs for Music Station SP while they were doing their last day of concert in Miyagi. It was a very nice sneak peek of what we should expect on the DVD (because I'm sure there will be) and also, it was a very nice gift to give us, especially us Ohno fans a chance to see Leader performing live since the issue came out.

These caps are mostly Ohno-focused, sorry not sorry, you know how much I love that old man and his smiles on this performance really made me happy. And I love the fact that the camera was almost always focused on Oh-chan :D

Video credits to DNA :D

lovely Ohno smiles under the cut )
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EDIT : as of this afternoon (21 Sept), another (unconfirmed?) news came in. Check under the cut to read it.

I swear, this is not the first time I realized how stupid this fandom is. Not the fandom itself but the people in it, really, really stupid. Okay, so let's start with my post a few days ago about Leader's 'scandal' (which isn't really, but anyway they call it that so let me call it that, too).

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The day Ohno Satoshi broke my heart.

And no, I'm not even the slightest bit ashamed about it.

Okay, I was being melodramatic, forgive me :D

damn it to hell )

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My love is so Amazing I cant even...

Preorder is up now for the photobook, And it will be released in July, my birth month :)))


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Seriously this application <3

ETA : If you're using Android phone, you can download the app in playstore it is called MYDOL XD very very cool XD I couldn't stop fiddling with my phone and I probably screencapped a hundred messages already, LOL

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and it's the day again when all of us are thanking your wonderful mother for ALWAYS giving birth to you, you old man. 34 years old, wow, and here we are thinking the only Arashi member who is aging backwards is Nino but looking at you, clearly, we are wrong.

I hope you had a wonderful today, despite the fact that you were working. I hope your bandmates at least treated for dinner because you deserved it.

I remember the first time I heard you sing, and back then I was still very much in love with Matsumoto-san, but right then and there, you caught me. From then on, there was no turning back. I fell in love with you the first time I heard you sing One Love, and everyday since.

There aren't enough words to convey how thankful I am for you, for Arashi, for being the only constant thing in my life these past years. I hope that despite the fact that you don't know I exist, you are aware that the very reason you are alive is enough to make me, and a lot of people happy.

Best wishes to you and I'm glad I'm part of your fanbase. I love you, old man.

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I wonder if anyone is willing to be my writing partner?

in other news,

gorgeous,  isn't he?

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oh my god, so Zero G had been choreographed by Leader,  I'm ecstatic!!!  and there's a fucking PV oh my god, this is going to be fucking epic!

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Yesterday's VS. oh my god, Leader <3


I couldn't exactly understand what they were talking about but I think he was giving Sakumoto some kind of tip to hit the red pin. But when the pair wasn't able to, he was asked to do it himself :D Even Nino was like, oh my fucking god, he did it! See my husband did it! with matching hand claps and laughter, LOL.

Can anyone sub this episode like immediately? [livejournal.com profile] renchan27, I want to know what they were talking about though :)
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So it has been announced that Ohchan will have a new drama on April! I'm so excited *cough cough fuck you asthma*

anyway, apparently Ohchan's role will be a shinigami -- another weird role but who's complaining?? the last one was two years ago, yeah?

ah, I can't wait!

credits to [livejournal.com profile] kyraensui l Tumblr
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Seriously, everyone is getting taller and Arashi members, e.g. Leader, remained the same.

Sho-chan noticed it first.

Sho : Tatsuomi-kun, did your voice change? (or at least he said something like that XD)

Tatsuomi : Yes, it did.

Sho: Wait. Kaibutsu-san? Kaibutsu-san?

Kaibutsu Prince is pissed! :D

 Ohno : Who the hell are you?!

Seriously. Hiroshi-kun is now way taller than Kaibutsu-kun. What is life?
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... because he's a damn good actor that I was bawling my eyes out exactly 15 minutes of the drama. And no, I have never cried so hard like this even when I watched Nino's SP drama where he also died. I feel sick and my chest feels heavy. Also, I am supposed to be on hiatus but I can't fucking help it, I need to post about this or I'll possibly commit suicide.

[livejournal.com profile] sweetspicyhot I LOVE YOU. I've been feeling so down lately but just like you said, I had to do something to let this indescribable feeling out. So I watched Oh-chan's SP. and despite the heaviness I felt, I feel so much better than before. Thank you. and I miss you.

/goes back to crying.
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... because Captain will be on 24hr TV SP drama and it's going to be freaking awesome, not to mention a tearjerker one. His last drama was a bit of a creepy one and I missed crying with him (ie Maou, UtaOni, Kaikun) and I'm sure he'll do just fine on this one. He's the third member to grace the 24hr TV drama so I'm really looking forward to this one.

Going to prepare a few towels (since I'm sure tissue's not enough) for this. I'm so excited!
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I swear to god that someday, I'll spend all my savings just to see this man in person.

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Seriously, these guys are going to be the death of me.

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Tell me, is there any way I can not love this man?



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