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(Single) LE : Arashi - Ai Wo Sakebe

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(Single) RE : Arashi - Ai Wo Sakebe

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.... which I have no idea why it had invaded my seldom (HAHA) dirty dreams but last night, that was exactly the theme. MATSUMOTO JUN'S DICK.


To be honest, I don't even know what to make of it because I'm sure that while I was dreaming about it, it felt so ordinary. I know it might sound like WTF IS SHE EVEN SAYING but I'm serious. It was setup like a porn movie shoot because there were other people aside from me, and I was like, I'm not sure if I was a bystander or a staff but yeah, there I was, probably a few feet away from Matsumoto Jun's pretty face and equally pretty dick.

Someone was behind Jun, telling him what to do, his hands are gripping Sho's naked legs. His dick is so hard and wow, the tip was flushed pink that I swear to god I was only staring at it, like, the whole fucking time. He also had a clear masking tape in hand, I don't know what for but yeah, he had that. Sho was like lying there, waiting for instructions and oh, did I say that they were both wearing their tops? No? well yeah, they were still wearing their tops. Jun had this checkered, long sleeves on (it was blue) and Sho simply had a white shirt on. Jun's hairstyle resembled that of Nino's hairstyle on one of his skit during the Atarashi Arashi ep, the one where Nino had an earring on? that one, and man, was he smokin' hot.

I also wondered why Kiko was there, like she was being filmed on the other side of the room, while being raped. well it sure looked like that but I couldn't be sure because my attention was focused on, well, Jun's dick.

Seriously, it was a beautiful dick, LOL. the shape and how it looks, it's like how Jun is, perfectly groomed or something hahahah.

He was about to do the take when, of course, my alarm went off. STUPID THING!

Anyway, that's about it.. My dream about Jun's dick. LOL.

/oh my god, did I really just talked about a member's dick in here???
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there is going to be an unexpected collab work between me and someone though I'm not sure if I'm allowed to broadcast it this early but, oh well, you'll know it eventually. I think we have already agreed on the pairing (my OTP won, yay!) but the general plot is completely her idea and man, it is brilliant and interesting and will be super dramatic (and angsty, and romantic, hopefully XD).

anyway, I'm just sayin'. though we haven't decided on who gets to post first or how we are going to write separate chapters and making sure that our ideas match but we'll do our best :D

that's it for now :D
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Seriously, I should sleep but....



and the Maou stare. Never gets old, yeah? Ah, I'm going to miss you, Captain.
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Seriously, everyone is getting taller and Arashi members, e.g. Leader, remained the same.

Sho-chan noticed it first.

Sho : Tatsuomi-kun, did your voice change? (or at least he said something like that XD)

Tatsuomi : Yes, it did.

Sho: Wait. Kaibutsu-san? Kaibutsu-san?

Kaibutsu Prince is pissed! :D

 Ohno : Who the hell are you?!

Seriously. Hiroshi-kun is now way taller than Kaibutsu-kun. What is life?
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I'm trying to crawl out of this shithole and see who helped me get out of it?

1. It's Keio Boy in all his gorgeous gloriness <3


2. MatsuFab <3


3. Mr. Hollywood Brat <3


4. Sexy Leader <3


5. Aibaby with Ogu-san <3


Ahhh, I miss these old Arashi shows :(
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Seriously, these guys are going to be the death of me.

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Took quite a long time to rip the DVD, but at least my connection was sweet :D Anyway, I'm going to upload both discs in filecloud since MF is blocking everything with DVD and ARASHI in every filename being uploaded in that stupid site. Anyway, links will be open for a week, then I'll lock this post afterwards. 

ETA : Disc 1 is done, disc 2 is currently uploading. Please be patient :D DONE!
ETA2 : Uploading mirrors to Zippyshare, disc 1 is done, off to disc 2! DONE!

Please enjoy!

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sharing yesterday's Tore TV SP featuring Matsujun and the rest of the 24hr TV celebs. Watch our MatsuFab doing everything Fabulous.


Video is not HD but really watchable :D 

File Size : 710 mb
Video Size : 704x396 / avi

Download Links : MF (for now)     1 l 2 l 3 l 4 

Raw credits : d-addicts

Hopefully someone could work on subbing this awesome show as soon as possible. Jun was really amazing in it :D

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Yes, I didn't go to work today and YES I'm so happy  because I was able to take the first glimpse of the gorgeous scans that are flooding Tumblr :D


From AnAn magazine featuring Arashi's Ninomiya Kazunari


Total no of photos: 10
Credits : Tumblr
Download MF HERE

Arashi in the next issue of Myojo Magazine


Total No. of photos : 12
Download MF HERE

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Title : [Fic] In Nino’s World (1/2)
Author : Jadey
Pairing : Nino/Arashi – Ohmiya (if you squint a little)
Rating : PG
Genre : Family/Friendship
Word count : 3,004 words
Disclaimer: fiction, yo!
Beta Reader : the ever lovely, 
[livejournal.com profile] shardaunei 
Summary : She smiles then, her gaze swiftly softening as she moves closer and reaches over to tap his chin with two small fingers and leans in to press her lips against his cheek; he is suddenly left with such longing he only feels when he’s here, closing his eyes at the comforting warmth that is his mother’s touch
Note : was supposed to be my birthday fic for 
[livejournal.com profile] carey_chan  but being the lazy ass that I am, I lost the inspiration halfway through finishing. Anyway, the other half will be posted, hopefully next week. It’s mostly done, just needed a bit more finishing touches before I send it again to Ms. Shadz. Please enjoy.



He makes a face and makes a snorting sort of sound, his free hand swiping at his flushing cheeks absently. “You’re just doing this to make me cry, aren’t you?” )


Here. Now.

Jan. 29th, 2012 10:58 pm
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a few things to look forward to;

  • Nazodi's SP drama.
  • Jun's Lucky Seven drama.
  • Nino's (rumoured?) new movie 'Platinum Data'
  • Arashi's new single out on March?
  • Still waiting for the announcement of the Beautiful World con DVD

And I'm craving for some good OhMiya fics lately. I want to read and actually comment on [livejournal.com profile] ggumilgeoya 's fics but I don't have that much time. and I don't have internet in the office, which pretty much sucks to the highest level. And I'm stuck at 17 of I Love You, Stranger for over a week now, was trying to update Forever but couldn't. I still need to finish 3 one shots and about 5 drabbles for those readers who won the game I set up last week (or, was it two weeks before?)

I'm so tired lately. There are a lot of things I needed to finish but I don't have the time. I hate it. 

And now I need to sleep, before somebody comes and piss the hell out of me again.


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i don't think I'd love Arashi more than I love them now.

and I don't really care about what their haters are gonna say, knowing that this issue would most likely go  on for forever.

their performance tonight surely wasn't their best, probably their worst if I'll be honest. just goes without saying that the boys aren't perfect. they never claimed to be one and for that, I'm so proud of them.



I am so in love with you right now.

please know that you're still the most talented JE artist that ever existed.
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Title : [Fic] Bounce
Author : Jadey
Rating : PG
Fandom/Pairing :  Arashi/ Ohno - Nino
Disclaimer : fiction, yo!
Wordcount : 774 words
Note : few fics to post before the curtain closes.. just for the time being. I’ll miss doing this but I need some time to clear my head. Cheers to all of you, fellow OhMiya shipper :D most especially to fey_37. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR EVERYTHING.
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Title : Reminisce (Epilogue)
Author : Jadey
Rating : PG
Pairing : Ohno/Nino
Disclaimer : fiction, yo!
Word count : 1,566 words

Previous 1 l 2 l 3 l 4 l 5 l 6 l 7 l 8 l 9 l 10 l 11 l 12 l 13 l 14 l 15 l 16 l 17 l 18 l 19 l 20 l 21 l 22 
                l 23 l24 l 25 l 26 l 27 l 28 l 29 l 30 l 31 l 32 l 33.1 l 33.2 


Though hurting, Faye managed to calm him down but not for long; and after much deliberation within herself, she grabbed the back of Ohno’s neck and kissed him hard, repeatedly, until Ohno stopped moving and kissed her back )
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Title : Reminisce
Author : Jade
Rating : PG
Pairing(s) : Ohno/Nino
Disclaimer : fiction, yo!
Note : I'm really having a hard time finishing this story but I promise I will, just please bear with me. Special thanks to my lovely darling Emeline for the push and for always being there. I love you so much XD

Previous 1 l 2 l 3 l 4 l 5 l 6 l 7 l 8 l 9 l 10 l 11 l 12 l 13 l 14 l 15 l 16 l 17 l 18 l 19 l 20 l 21 l 22 
                l 23 l24 l 25 l 26 l 27 l 28 l 29
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[Fic] Hands
Author : Jade
Rating:  R
Pairing (s) : Ohno Satoshi/Ninomiya Kazunari
Disclaimer : entirely a work of fiction yo!
Wordcount: 967 words
Note: a short one based on [info]carey_chan prompt. Because she said she watched the 4th episode of Freeter and thought that Nino putting handcream onto Ohno’s hands is sexy. But I’m sorry because Jade’s thought always goes into different direction.. lol~ I love you honey, this is for you.



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