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Title : [Fic] Romantic Volume 3.9.2
Author : Jadey
Pairing : Ohno/Nino
Rating : PG to R
Summary : Book of Tears Verse : Months/Years after Nino and Ohno have gotten back together.
Note : for Sharon, [livejournal.com profile] daisukidesu3 as usual, here’s the filthy and tooth-rotting second half :D Also for the lovely, [livejournal.com profile] yumi_usagi


Ohno takes his time kissing Nino, slow and reverent the way he likes it, slipping his tongue into the heat of Nino’s mouth for a thorough taste. He runs his hands along Nino’s waist before sliding them under Nino’s hips to steady him and Nino hisses softly in answer.

Ohno smiles into the kiss and is only briefly distracted by the feel of Nino’s rapidly hardening cock pressed against his chest as he deepens the kiss.

“Seriously?” he teases when he pulls away to breathe, grinning when Nino all but groan in embarrassment and pinches the back of his neck in retaliation. “No, really, I’m just kissing you and you’re…getting hard?”

Nino’s lips twitch before he wriggles around Ohno’s hold, prompting Ohno to let him go. Ohno does as he’s told and puts Nino down on his feet, as gentle as he could manage it, then squeaks when Nino grabs his crotch without warning.

“As if you’re not!” Nino chastises without heat.

Ohno shrugs. “As if you don’t know I’ve always been perpetually aroused whenever you’re near me,” he says, pushing his hips insistently forward, bucking his clothed-covered crotch against Nino’s hand. “Quit acting like you don’t know it.”

Nino takes his hand away, or at least tries to but Ohno is faster, fingers wrapping around Nino’s wrist and keeping it where he wants it. Nino rolls his eyes in answer.

“Oh god, you’re not seriously considering doing this here, are you?” Nino retaliates when a soft, low growl escapes the back of Ohno’s throat. Ohno swallows, eyes darting to the door as he weighs his options.

“I might just be,” Ohno says.

Nino blinks. “Satoshi, it’s a public place.”

“No, it’s not.”

“The agent could come anytime and –“

“He won’t be until I call him to say we’re done,” Ohno counters, “checking the place, that is.” slowly backing Nino against the wall he was previously backed against, eyeing Nino predatorily and licking his lips wet.

“Jesus Christ, Oh-chan –“

“We won’t take long, I promise,” Ohno proposes, his arousal making it so hard to breathe much more think. He wants to do something and he cannot wait till they get home to do it.

Nino purses his lips and lets Ohno leans in for a kiss, expression resigned and eyes marred with hunger. He’s obviously learned to give up the fight whenever Ohno acts particularly like the Alpha male he seldom is as he lets himself be kissed.

“Ten minutes?” Nino asks, eyes half-close and trembling as Ohno one-handedly takes care of his zipper for him.

“Let’s see,” Ohno says, kisses him once again before he drops on his knees.


To be fair, Nino did take the ‘ten minutes’ a little too seriously.

“I didn’t know you can come on demand,” he muses, only half-kidding as he kisses Nino’s lips. Nino hums in answer, breathing raggedly still, hands finding his butt and squeezing, as Ohno pushes his hips insistently against Nino’s.

“Can you blame me?”

He can still taste Nino in his tongue and it’s almost enough for his body to demand more. Nino squeezes his hips in warning and Ohno has to remind himself to behave knowing how difficult it must be for Nino to be here, giving in to Ohno’s desire for him in a place that Nino deems unsafe.

“You know that the door downstairs is locked, right?” he whispers against the sides of Nino’s neck. “So, relax.”

“I don’t want to hear that from you,” Nino returns, voice tight, and Ohno smiles softly, hugs Nino in return.

“Sorry,” he apologizes, meaning it, squeezing Nino one last time before he lets go. It’s not that easy, especially when he’s still vibrating with unfulfilled arousal, fingertips tingling with the urge to cup himself while Nino watches. But until Nino agrees, well, he can’t really do anything about it.

Nino drops his gaze to his crotch, eyes the way his dick tents the front almost obscenely and clicks his tongue. As a general rule, Ohno doesn’t say anything, just stands there smiling sheepishly as Nino turns his gaze towards the door with an almost inaudible sigh.

“Sure he’s not coming back unless you call him?” Nino asks.

His chest tightens in anticipation. “Positive.”

Nino turns back around and locks his eyes on him, teeth digging into his lower lip as he beckons Ohno over.

Ohno goes willingly, Nino’s hands finding Ohno’s hips and clinging as Ohno takes the last step and catches Nino’s mouth for a kiss. Nino pulls back a moment later just as his hands drop to the front of Ohno’s pants, undoing Ohno’s belt as Ohno peppers light kisses to Nino’s jaw.

“Are you going to return the favor now, Kazu?” he asks, just in case he’s about to get lucky. Nino huffs out a snort and Ohno can’t help the way he leans up to swallow the rest, keeping their mouths locked as Nino shoves Ohno’s pants down along with his boxers.


“N-Nino –“ he gasps, bending his knees and leaning in forward with his hands alternating between Nino’s shoulders and the back of his head, trying to steady himself, but it’s hard. It’s getting increasingly difficult to keep himself from outright fucking Nino’s mouth when Nino is deliberately teasing him, taking his time sucking Ohno’s cock while Ohno is watching, dazed and panting.

One of Nino’s hands is curled around the base while the other he uses to grip one of Ohno’s legs. His mouth alternates between nipping and sucking, tracing the veins over and around the throbbing length before he takes his lips back to lick at the tip.

When Nino parts his mouth and slowly lets Ohno’s cock in, Ohno moans, deep and outdrawn, watching the shape his dick makes inside Nino’s mouth. Nino’s lips stretch obscenely around the cock in his mouth, humming through his nose and taking as much as Ohno’s cock as he could while he squeezes the base. Then he pulls back up, Ohno’s cock popping out of Nino’s mouth in slow, torturous movement, and Ohno has to fight back the urge to frame Nino’s face in hand and fuck him with abandon.

He can’t, because as much as he likes doing it fast and rough, he loves this even better. When Nino is down on his knees, with Ohno’s cock in his mouth and is completely at Ohno’s mercy, eyes lidded heavily, lips bruised red for having Ohno’s cock in his mouth for long.

“More?” Nino asks, and makes a good show of letting Ohno see how he’s licking the evidence of Ohno’s arousal Ohno left in Nino’s mouth. Ohno struggles to connect the words together, send them out to tumble off his lips but all that gets out are impatient sounds coupled with the tiny, breathless versions of Nino’s name.

“Hmmm, incoherent, aren’t we?” Nino teases, pumping Ohno’s dick at the same time he kneels up for another lick. Ohno watches, dazed, as Nino flicks out his tongue and lets the rough pad of it touch the slit of Ohno’s dick. Ohno shudders involuntarily, fingers clutching Nino’s shoulders for dear life as Nino takes it slow again, closing his lips over the shiny tip before hollowing his cheeks.

Holy fucking hell.

The groan that leaves him then is shockingly loud Nino has to pull away again only so he could slap him on the hip.

“Be quiet if you don’t want to end up humping the gearshift later,” Nino warns and Ohno immediately clamps his mouth shut, knowing how evil Nino gets when pissed. He could seriously leave Ohno hanging, could literally leave Ohno to deal with it all by himself so he does what he’s told and bites the inside of his cheek, watching Nino settles back where he was previously.

The next few minutes are spent with Ohno biting his tongue as Nino laps Ohno’s cock like a man starving for food.

He’s bathe in sweat and he’s shaking, legs trembling as he keeps the fabric of his shirt bunched up to his chest, fingers twisting against the fabric as he watches Nino’s lips stretch around his aching dick. He’s knees are bent, the muscles on his stomach and legs cramping almost painfully but he ignores it.

His eyes are open wide, watching Nino in action, mouth alternating between sucking and lapping the head as he pumps the base, and Ohno is, quite literally, going insane with the way this blowjob is being executed so perfectly.

Nino hollows his cheeks once he has Ohno’s cock shoved into his mouth as deep as it’s ever gonna go, hollowing them viciously until there’s nothing but an airless vacuum of pleasure and Ohno is reduced to a moaning, writhing mess of limbs, hips shaking in his attempt to keep his orgasm at bay, but to no avail.

He’s coming before he even realizes it, fingernails digging to Nino’s scalp as he loses himself for a moment, his cock still pulsing in Nino’s mouth when he finally finds the strength to open them, watching Nino swallowing what he could and feeling his cock spurting the last of his pleasure, breathing hard.


Nino is quiet on the drive back and for a second there, Ohno is worried he made Nino angry until Nino quietly takes his hand, tangles their fingers together and let their twined hands rest on Ohno’s lap.

“What are you thinking?” Nino asks after a beat.


“You look worried. Why?” Nino says, squeezing their fingers together. Ohno can’t help the smile that blooms on his face, can’t help raising their joined hands and dropping a kiss to the back of Nino’s palm.

“I thought I made you angry.” He says, honestly.

“Why do you think that?”

Ohno shrugs. The last thing he honestly wants is to make Nino mad, or hurt him. He can’t stand it. He really can’t.

“You’re quiet, I thought you were mad because I forced you to – err –“

Nino laughs softly, patting Ohno’s knee even using their joined hands. Ohno feels so much better already.

“You didn’t force me, okay? God, you don’t even have to, what are you even saying.”


“I was just thinking about this move, you know? I mean, another place, another house, it’s kind of… well, scary.”

Ohno nods. He completely understands Nino. “Yeah, I know.” He says, “that’s why I told you that if you don’t want it, that if you think you’re still not ready to do it, we don’t have to. Our apartment is fine as it is.”

“But it’s getting increasingly hard to live there, you know it, I know it, hell, even J knows it. He complains about how your canvasses and my consoles are literally barricading the living room floor like he has all the fucking right.”

He chuckles and nods, taking Nino’s hand in both of his, raising it and kissing Nino’s wrist lightly.

“It’s still your decision, Nino,” he says, meaning it. “It always is, okay? Wherever you go, wherever you decide to stay, I’ll stay there with you, remember?”

Nino tilts his head this time and offers him one of those smiles of his he reserved only for Ohno, before he turns to keep his gaze on the road and Ohno still feels so undeserving of it even now, even after so long. He reaches forward and cups Nino’s cheek, brushes his thumb across the smooth skin he’s always been allowed to touch, thanking the heavens quietly under his breath as he watches the smile on Nino’s face, the way Nino leans back to his touch as if he can’t help it either.

“Yeah, you’re right,” Nino whispers a while later when he’s parked the car and he’s tugging Ohno towards him, kissing Ohno lightly on the lips.

“Have you decided?” Ohno asks.

Nino nods, resting his face against Ohno’s neck and breathing Ohno in.

“Yeah,” Nino breathes, “yeah, let’s do it.” He says.

Ohno smiles into Nino’s hair and gathers Nino in, loving the way Nino folds into him, sighing deeply, head tucked under Ohno's chin, the safest place he’s ever going to be, here inside the cradle of Ohno’s embrace.

Date: 2017-05-16 12:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] daisukidesu3.livejournal.com
Ohmiya love first thing in the morning? Best way to wake up! Maybe even better than coffee!!!

Thank you for starting my day with this awesomeness!


Date: 2017-05-16 10:34 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] yumi-usagi.livejournal.com
Thank you so much for this!
I can read Romantic forever! It's so sweet! The world needs more Romantic seriously
Thanks for making my day better with this fic <3

Date: 2017-05-17 01:36 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] pupilurker.livejournal.com

💛💙 can I have more please? \(//∇//)/

Date: 2017-05-17 09:33 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mae74.livejournal.com
So hot and yet so sweet at the same time....more please 😊

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