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Title : Pit Patter Pop
Rating : PG l Fluff
Pairing : OHNO/NINO
Summary : This shoot is going to be the death of them.
Note : Ugh, brain, wth. I love you, [livejournal.com profile] daisukidesu3 and Pupay, [livejournal.com profile] pupilurker hang in there!


This shoot is going to be the death of them.

Ohno knows it's only a matter of time before either he or Nino collapse in exhaustion, sighing deeply as he gathers the stylist-issued coat around himself, watching the heavy rain through the window. Nino is sitting opposite him, leaning back against the wooden wall with his eyes close.

The bags under Nino's eyes are visible even through the semi-darkness, and that almost-familiar twist in his chest returns the second Nino opens his eyes and looks his way.

The door opens as if on cue, and the Assistant Director comes in, looking stressed.

"Just an hour more, Ohno-san, Ninomiya-san," the older man says, "if this rain doesn't let up till then, we're wrapping up this filming. I apologize for the trouble."

He shakes his head, sees Nino doing the same; the AD bows in answer and leaves without another word.

"Looks like it's your bad luck again eh, Ohno-san?" Nino asks a few minutes later, obviously teasing. Ohno chuckles and decides Nino's position against the wall looks more comfortable so he decides to join Nino there.

Nino watches him but says nothing as Ohno sits himself next to Nino, their thighs touching.

"You think?" he asks, bumping his shoulder against Nino's.

"Yep," Nino says, returning the bump with a little tap of his fingertips against the back of Ohno's palm. Ohno smiles, watches Nino's hand as he absently turns his own over, catching Nino's fingers the next time Nino repeats the action, and frowns.

Nino's skin feels hot against his own, almost too much so that Ohno finds himself grabbing Nino's hand firmly and shifting to use his other free hand to feel Nino's cheek.

Nino jerks as if on autopilot but Ohno holds him firmly, doesn't let Nino pull away.

"Nino, you're burning -"

Nino lowers his gaze, tries tugging his hand away. "I'm fine, Leader, seriously -"

"No, you're not! You're - oh my god, have you been feeling this way since earlier? Why didn't you say something? Jesus. Wait here, I'm going to call someone -"

"Satoshi, I'm okay, please don't make such a big fuss about this. I'm not going to die of a mere fever."

Ohno frowns. "And if it's not just fever? Don't be stubborn, let me go call someone -"

"I'm okay, really -"

"You don't look okay -" he starts to complain, pulling away this time but Nino sure is faster. He seizes Ohno by his collar, pulls his face down and kisses him not-so-gently, nipping Ohno's bottom lip and humming when Ohno finally gathers enough brain cells to kiss back. Soon Ohno's fingers are on Nino's nape, the other stroking Nino's cheek gently before cupping Nino's face possessively as they kiss.

Nino's mouth is hot, hotter than his skin and Ohno moans minutely back at him, wanting more and chastising himself for allowing Nino's kisses to distract him. It's obvious why Nino did this - but somehow, despite the fact that Ohno himself wouldn't resolve to do the same (he's a professional, for fuck's sake), Nino is, and will always be good at breaking Ohno's defenses down like it's nothing.

"I'm okay, okay? Quit the worrying, old man, it'll give you premature wrinkles," Nino says, pushing him away but not before sliding his fingers across Ohno's temple, obviously smoothing Ohno's frown away.

Ohno shakes his head, chuckles, pulls Nino in for one, quick kiss before he pulls completely away. He's on his feet before Nino can even stop him, dancing away from Nino's grabby hands.

"Sure you are," Ohno says, giving Nino a smile. Nino might be stubborn, but Ohno can be, too. "But I'm not taking my chances. We're going home, and you're going to see the doctor. End of discussion."

"Leader, seriously -"

"Be quiet," Ohno says, faking a scowl. "I'm not taking orders from you when you're like this. What if you die? If you did, I swear I'll follow you immediately. Do you like that?"

"You're being stupid -"

"I'm trying to protect you. You're my life, you know. Don't die on me, you know I can't live without you."

"It's just fever, for god's sake! You're over-reacting"

"I don't care!"

"Ugh -"

"Yeah, I love you too. Stay put, I'm going to call someone."

Nino buries his face in between his hands and groans a muffled, "Do whatever you want, you stupid -" and Ohno knows he's won.

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