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Note : I miss my boys :( for the Pupay [livejournal.com profile] pupilurker and Sharon [livejournal.com profile] daisukidesu3


Nino loves watching Ohno sleep.

It's embarassing, and maybe a touche creepy, but Nino guesses that can't be helped; he loves looking at Ohno, after all, regardless if the older man is awake or not. He loves the details on Ohno's face only someone close to him could see, loves tracing those tiny imperfections that makes the older man perfect in his eyes subtly with his fingertips, soft and careful so he won't wake the other man.

Nino is thankful for the priviledge, though he won't ever admit it. He's stupid like that and he knows it, though Ohno's never one to call him out over the fact, because Ohno knows how Nino's so easily embarassed. Nino's certain that Ohno knows this (not-so) little secret of his, but Ohno never tells.

On this particular night, Nino's heart is swooning.

Ohno is lying on his stomach and only the side of his face is visible, but for Nino, it is enough. He could barely make out the line of Ohno's brow, could barely trace the soft patch of skin in between Ohno's eyes but Nino doesn't let it frustrate him.

Instead, he touches what he could - runs his fingertips repeatedly over the expanse of soft skin bared to him to his heart's content.

Somehow, Nino realizes something then.

This, right here, is the one reason why no relationship he'd ever been in the past had ever worked out.

And he was so thankful, because when he got together with Ohno for real, he knew he wanted no one else but him.
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