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Note : *shoves aside these horrible feelings and reminds myself that's what life is*


Pairing : Sakumoto + Ninomiya
Note to self : WRITE THIS.
Prompt : Break up. Make up. Add up.

"Coffee, your Majesty," Aiba says as he pushes the steaming cup int Nino's waiting hands. The coffee smells divine and it tastes equally so when Nino takes his first sip.

He already feels so much better than he was pre-coffee.

"ushg;ahajfljf?" he mumbles through the cup, more than a little pissed about being dragged out of his bed so early.

Aiba barely flinches. "I know," Aiba agrees quite readily, as if he knows exactly what Nino is talking about. And he does - he's not Nino's best friend for nothing, Nino supposes. "But you agreed, Nino-chan, and don't you forget it."

"I didn't know it's going to be at crap o'clock in the fucking morning, because if I did, I wouldn't have said yes."

"Too bad, then."

"Seriously, Aiba-chan -"

"Nino, it's been more than six years," Aiba tells him, cutting off whatever crap he's about to spout out and Nino feels like hitting him. He doesn't, though, because as much as he hates giving Aiba any reason to doubt his emotional stability, he fucking hates lying, too. "and you told me -"

"Oh my God, are we talking about that again? Seriously? No, Aiba-chan, seriously -"

"Well, then act like you mean what you said when you agreed to come here with me," Aiba tells him, "or we could leave now before you end up embarrassing yourself in front of everyone, you decide."

Nino gives Aiba a look and wishes he'd thought of a proper comeback to this kind of talk but he didn't so he just have to agree with Aiba here.

He agreed to be here so he needs to act like it.

"Aiba-san? N-Ninomiya-san?" a painfully familiar voice snatches Nino out from his reverie, turning just in time to find the equally familiar face he'd succesfully managed to avoid for the past six years since he last saw him.

"S-Sho-san," Nino acknowledges, throat tight.


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