Mar. 29th, 2017

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Title : Alpha-match 2 : Mender (2)
Pairing : Sho/Jun l Ohno/Nino
Rating : NC 17
Summary : Answering this mate-call was Jun’s sort-of last chance to prove to himself – and to his father, his family – that he didn’t need their help. He was going to find his mate on his own, build his own family outside that pack. He was going to prove himself worthy of a mate’s bite, and he was going to do it on his own way, his own terms.

Disclaimer : fiction, yo!
Note : for the lovely
[ profile] learashi <3 sorry for the delay. and to the original sakumoto shipper who doesn't seem like it because she ships Ohmiya more, [ profile] jhing_tearjerky :D


Read more...It should be awkward – it was awkward – that they were both feeling somewhat aroused given the circumstances but somehow, it was difficult to think beyond what they were supposed to feel when their own bodies were sure acting on their own. )

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