Mar. 7th, 2017

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Note : had THIS song on repeat and man, of course Ohmiya should happen. OF COURSE.


"You were staring," Nino says when they're finally alone; Nino's finger dance around his elbow, down his wrist, and he finds himself leaning in forward to nose Nino's cheek. God, he waited more than four hours to do this, as he breathes Nino in.

"Can't help it," he says, pulling Nino by his hips, presses a kiss to his chin before he backs away. Nino looks so damn sexy in his suit - expensive stuff, he could tell - but he can't wait to get Nino out of it as soon as possible. He gives Nino a quick once over, commits Nino's look in mind and reaches over to fiddle at the button of Nino's suit jacket.

"Woah, there!" Nino breathes, but the teasing glint in his eyes is present and really, Ohno simply want to devour him.

"Off with it," he says, licking his lips. He slides his finger inside the collar of Nino's dress shirt, touching warm skin and his mouth waters. He wants to taste Nino everywhere, from his lips to his neck, down to every hidden ridges and curve. He just wants Nino.

"Come on,"

Nino chuckles but he doesn't comply. Instead, he puts his arms around Ohno's neck and draws him in.

"Why don't you dance with me first, Oh-chan?" Nino asks, cheeks pink; he's obviously embarrassed, but tries not to show it. Ohno doesn't have the heart to call Nino out on it. He wants to nail Nino right there against the door but he wants to take it slow, too. He wants to savour it, wants to taste Nino all over, kiss him till they're naked.

But he can wait.

He leans in, kisses the start of Nino's hair and pulls Nino closer. "Gladly."

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Title : Alpha-match 1 : Loner (9.2)
Pairing : Ohno/Nino l Sho/Jun
Rating : NC 17
Summary : It was the only thing he was waiting for so when Nino received the mate call, he packed up his life – or at least what was left of it and went, hoping for something else, maybe something better. He didn’t expect to be paired with someone who obviously didn’t want to be bothered – a loner, by the looks of it – but he also didn’t expect him to be someone Nino liked instantly at first glance.
Disclaimer : fiction, yo!
Note : one chapter to go!~


“Oh-chan!” Nino screamed; it honestly felt like he was being torn apart. One moment he was standing in front of Nakai, watching his mate as he took a leap from their Alpha’s side as a man and landing in front of them as a wolf, and then the next time he blinked, he was on the ground, shoved face-first into the dirt and groaning. )

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